Monday, 13 February 2012

My new linen cupboard.

I have for many years wanted a linen cupboard and now I have one. I do have a problem with selling any piece of furniture that I give a new lease of life too, I have now done it again.  Remember this cupboard I bought from the 1930's,

well this is it now.

I need to sort out the locks on both cupboards but apart from that its done.

Thursday, 9 February 2012

I am now a skier!!

I am home and I am in in one piece. I am no speed demon by any means but I did ski and from some pretty steep slopes in my opinion ( not my hubby's though). I have never skied before and I am terrified of heights. My first challenge was getting on a cable car, which I did but I had my eyes closed tight the whole journey. I did master this by the end of the week though to a degree. The second challenge was  trying to ski down a nursery slope which at the time felt like I was stood on Mt Everest. I did eventually master this and progressed to some blue slopes which really looked like Mt Everest. Apart from a few tears at the top due to fear of skiing of the edge of the mountain I did ski myself down, and I am chuffed to bits.

I do have some advice though, do not let your partner teach you to ski. My hubby has been teaching people to Ski for over 20 years with great success. Then he taught me. The first few days were great and I was progressing great, then I lost my confidence and he lost his patience. I think it would be fair to say we had different expectations. He wanted me to go faster but I was too scared of losing control. He was a great teacher but I think I was his worst student. I did ski from nearly the top of the mountain to the bottom which was about 11 miles but probably more like 15 miles with all the turns I put in. It doesn't matter though, I did it!

Some of the slopes I skied

I really enjoyed myself  so much so I have booked to go again next year. I am thinking of seeing a hypnotist before hand to try and get over this fear of heights. I would definitely recommend skiing but just watch out for bloody snowboards, they have there own agenda on the slopes!!