Thursday, 31 March 2011

My new pouffe

I,m trying my hardest not to do too much but being a women thats not that easy. Is there any women out there who can really switch off and allow other people to take care of things for them.  Darren has had to go to Lincoln for the last 2 days to sort out his transfer so my parents came down to make sure I wasn't on my own. Or from Darren's point of view unsupervised as he knows he can't trust me not to do all sorts of things around the house.

My mum is a seamstress which comes in handy on numerous occasions, so I did put her to work while she was here. My old pouffe that I love has started to decompose, you only had to look at the fabric and it seemed to rip more. 

I bought the same fabric that the sofa is covered in and got her to recover it. It saved me a lot of money as the shop assistant in Laura Ashley tried to get me to buy a brand new footstool instead of the fabric. Maybe if I wasn't taking time of work and finances were not to be affected I may of  caved in but I,m trying to being sensible. So thank you very much Mum it looks great. 


  1. Oh your Mum did a great job! We also have a pouffe that needs recovering - I am procrastinating though because I find it a scary project.

    I've just seen your caravan photos - awesome. You've done her up fantastically. I'm a bit envious, I think. I'd love a little hidey place just for me. :)

  2. Right then Missy i have read it now and it is very good and the pictures are fab, cant wait to see the caravan in the flesh looks great your mum did a really good job !!! Take care do not go back to work tooooo soooon you have been told xxxxx love me

  3. Clever mum!!! Looks great! You wouldn't know it hadnt come with the sofa.



  4. What would we do without mums?! Looks fab! xxx