Saturday, 19 March 2011

After 6 months wrapped up for the winter Polly Dolly the caravan was uncovered, it was so exciting I have really missed her. Spent the afternoon cleaning her out and making sure there  were no problems. It's such a relief when don't find any problems especially as she's an old lady. Can't wait to start camping again. I have put some photos from this afternoon in my vintage caravan.


  1. Oh my, is that one cute caravan!!! Makes me want to move right in! You must just have a ball! And yes I can totally imagine the campfire and cocktails!

  2. Love it love it love it, and yes you are right it's all soooo you.

    Will look forward to reading as it grows, but you better not tell the world anything major till you've told me !!! lol.


    Oh btw, it's Su but Paul already had an account with Google under the name Arclight so I'm using that lol xxx

  3. Oh wow - that caravan is soooooooooo beautiful!! I would love one like that but neither of our cars would be able to tow it!!

    Your interior taste is so like mine! I would love to see piccies of your house too some time - pop over to my blog sometime when you are feeling bored and have a nose at the rooms I have made over!!


  4. So gorgeous - a little slice of vintage heaven! xxx