Monday, 18 February 2013

I have just had a biggish Birthday and I did get spoilt rotten by everyone. One thing I did receive from a lovely friend was this charm.

How perfect is that, my own little vintage caravan.

Sunday, 10 February 2013

I am back xx

Hi everyone,

 I must firstly apologise for the long gap since posting last. I have no excuses really, I think life just caught up with me and I needed a break. After moving house in the summer and getting through a summer season at work I felt exhausted.  I have felt so annoyed with myself at times, unable to do all the the things that make me happy. I have not been the domestic goddess I can be! The last four months have been a bit tough too as I had to have my ovaries removed for several reasons, one being the cancer. With the surgery, the new medication and getting bugs and virus's its been a tiring time. The good news is I feel like I am starting to see the back of all that. Although the crappy cancer drugs are always going to have side effects.

There has been some nice things happening here though, I have a new baby boy called "Luigi" who is my gorgeous French bulldog puppy.

He is a marmite dog in my opinion. Some people think they are gorgeous some think them ugly. I think he is so lush with a character I have never seen in other dogs. They are hilarious but incredibly stubborn. Some say they are of low intelligence some say its high. I still cannot decide! All i know is that I am hooked on "Frenchies" now!

The other really brilliant thing we have done is had a log burner fitted in the house. This is huge to us after living in military houses for most of our married life. We have had some horrid fake gas/electric fireplaces and surrounds. So one morning I woke up and decided to smash the fireplace up in our newly decorated living room. Behind a plastic fire suite that was in the property when we bought it we found the bricked up the original fireplace. Within 2 weeks we had our new log burner, it is amazing and it heats the whole house. 

I think it is gorgeous, the room looks finished now. Luigi loves it too.

Something else recently happened which is I am really finding hard to cope with, my daughter has been sent to Afghanistan. Its breaking my heart, she seems too young to be dealing with this crap. I feel totally useless as a parent, our role is to protect our children but I cannot do anything from here. She has been living overseas with the Army for a year now and I have dealt with that fine, yet this is making me an emotional wreck. Miss her so much.

Stay safe xx

Now my va va voom is starting to return, work will begin again with the caravan's and hopefully other pretty things. We just have a few more things to focus on but I feel ready now. Looking forward to taking "Polly Dolly" out on a few trips also. 

Glad to back in blog land.