Tuesday, 30 August 2011

We now have Lola.

We have a new Vintage Caravan and she is called "Lola", she is 42 yrs old and really cute. I love her and want to keep, but I said that about the last one too. She has tons of character and will make someone very happy when she's all pretty. 

The photo's were taken in our new workshop we are renting for the winter. This will help us to get some caravans ready for Spring when glamping starts again. I have got an idea for the interior but I am still trying to source some things. Will be leaving a lot of the wood interior  as it is, this gives it a lot of character. Plus I do not want the members of the "Cheltenham Caravan Appreciation Society" banging down my door for crimes against caravan's.

Tomorrow we are of on a road trip to pick up "Lotte" who will keep "Lola" company in the workshop. The other thing happening tomorrow is I have a sewing machine arriving. I have acquired a lot of skills from my mother but her seamstress skills fail me. I have a fear of sewing machines, I have decided to overcome my fear and learn how to use one. I hope the instruction manual is written like an idiots guide or there will be tears. Unfortunately my mum does not live close by to give a demo. I think my next post will have photos with lots of bunting, can't go wrong with that can I?

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

I am very aware that I have not been blogging so much lately but I am so busy and absolutely shattered if I'm honest. I am back to work full-time now and its still silly season, plus I had been training in preparation for my 10 km at the weekend. Oh yeh plus Iv'e been doing lots of socialising which is exhausting.

 Speaking of which I did complete the race in 1hr 17 mins which is exactly what I predicted and I wasn't last! I can honestly say it was hell and I did keep asking myself what the hell I was doing there whilst running up steep hills and running through bogs up to my knees. My final sponsorship money was £800 so it was all worth it in the end. I really need to run a normal road 10km to compare them both, I am sure a road race is not as torturous. 

We will be bringing home a new vintage caravan at the weekend to do up over the winter. She is a 1969 Cheltenham Sable just like the one below. They are lovely caravans with loads of character, I haven't named her yet will have to see her first. The plan is to get a couple of caravans and do them up so they are ready for the Spring, so there will be no rest for me when the summer season ends. We have had interest from a family who would like a caravan  done to there specification for next year, just need to find the right caravan for them. So  I think we can say "Shabby Chic Vintage Caravans" is up and running, just need to sort out the web site.

Thursday, 18 August 2011

In celebration of........

So I have done all I can now regarding the training, I am pretty sure I will be fine. I have been practising on the race terrain which is hard to run on but at least  I have an idea what to expect. I have raised over £600 which I never expected to do so I am really pleased. I have stayed off the alcohol this week and tried to eat plenty of carbs. I will be having a pasta meal tomorrow even though we are at a friends BBQ and everyone will be eating lovely food, but I want to feel good as my energy levels are still quite low after treatment.

I have my message board already written to attach to me back with the names of all the young women I have met since March in a similar situation. I know it looks a bit arrogant putting  "Me" on there but its for when people over take me they will understand why I'm a bit slow (hopefully they will anyway). So this is for you girlie's!

My training partner Simon has been coaching me, he is running the bar in the marquee and has promised me a cold pint of whatever I fancy after my race, I cant wait.

Friday, 12 August 2011

It has been a fairly quiet week, lots a different enquires regarding caravan things though. We feel fairly confident we can do this again now, just have to find the right van again.

We went for a day out to Liverpool on Wednesday, which was lovely but I just did not want to buy any clothes or accessories. Nothing was really pulling me in, maybe its because the seasons are about to change and it feels wrong to start buying the wintry clothes just yet. Whatever the reason I was there to treat myself so decided to do it in the Cath Kidston shop. My daughter walked in with me and instantly compared it to be being a kid walking into the Disney Store. 

This is actually not for me but for the new owner of Betsy.

New pretty things for my sewing box.

For Polly Dolly the caravan some lovely tupperware boxes.

Finally some lovely stationary, now my daughter has left home I do get the opportunity to write more than I normally would.

I am returning back to work today, I am a bit nervous and bit excited. I will not be full time yet I shall see how it goes and build up to it. So I better go and get ready, bye for now.

Sunday, 7 August 2011

Betsy has sold.

I cannot believe it she was on eBay for less than 2 hours before she met her reserve. We started her at 99p, I watch vintage caravan's on eBay as a hobby and I have never seen it go mad like that. I am shaking with shock and excitement. I have put more photos on my new header called " Sold Vintage Caravans". Will have to wait another week to see the end result. We spent today doing the final touches so she was ready. Bring on the next one!

Friday, 5 August 2011

New photos.

She is finished finally, it has been hard work and a lot more than expected, hopefully it will all be worth it. Hopefully it will make someone very happy. 

Even the inside of the wardrobe got a make over.

Its is a removal hammock above the chair which has also been covered to match everything else.

She has had new work tops and 2 new tables. She has been completed painted on the outside to match the sage and white inside but I have not take any photos of that yet.

I just hope we have not left it to late in the season to sell her or I will end up owning 2 vintage caravans. I would love a fleet of them one day but I don't have the space at the moment.

Monday, 1 August 2011

Vintage gifts.

I have been very busy lately as this is this busiest time of the season for work. I do have a few things to show that my daughter bought for me as a gift.

She visited the Imperial War Museum as part of her training in the Army. She really enjoyed it and found these lovely vintage gifts in their shop.

This gorgeous bunting which I have draped around my desk area.

These really sweet union jack paper chain links.

Finally this gorgeous book with 1940,s fashion in. I love this era, I think this is when women dressed their most feminine.

See you soon.