Tuesday, 26 June 2012

My New Home

I am finally back in Blog land. It has been a long month moving house but I think we are finally over the worst. A week after moving in my Hubby was made redundant. He was hoping for this, which is one of the reasons we rushed the house sale through. We knew it would be a lot harder to get a mortgage once he had been made redundant. The timing for everything over the last few months has been perfect really. Tomorrow we hand back the other property and so everything is complete. We are now moving on to the next chapter of our lives.

 I have had a lot of people asking me to put some photos  of the house on the blog as we have redecorated everywhere since moving in. There was no way I could live in a magnolia house, I need colour! So here are a few rooms for now.

This is our Living room which is huge compared to our last one. You can actually walk in a straight line without dodging furniture.

My Kitchen and utility which I love. I kept the same colour theme as the last house as Baby Blue is my favourite colour. We did replace the worktops to wooden ones as we really disliked the original ones. Plus I have a dishwasher for the first time in my life and I love it!!

My Hallway which I think is my favourite.

My Bedroom and my baby dog "Cupcake". She moved in on her own as our other dog passed away suddenly just before we were due to move.

This is my sewing room in the attic. Its huge so we split it. This is my side which is pretty and girly, the photo below is hubby's part of the loft. This is his XBox room hence the military theme. Through the passage is his office. It is an amazing space.

There are other rooms to show you, such as the conservatory which is full of laundry drying at the moment as it doesn't seem to want to stop raining!! That is a really lush room so I will sort them out next time. I shall be back very soon.


  1. Oh Clare it's absolutely gorgeous. I can't decide which is my fave room, they're all great! We have the same radios in our sewing rooms. :-)
    I really love your foyer, mine is so bland & I haven't known what to do to give it a lift, I'm thinking wallpaper is the way to go. I'm sorry to hear your dog passed away, it looks like 'Cupcake' has settled right in though.

  2. Welcome back Clare. Your new home is utterly gorgeous x

  3. You have been so busy!!! All looks gorgeous.

  4. Hi Claire, it all looks wonderful.I love your kitchen and that and the hallway are my favourites.thanks for showing us the pics X

  5. Great to see you back!! Wow - that was a real Wow moment! It is beautiful and you would think you had lived there for years - very homely and not at all sparce! Very inspirational too! I am currently doing up our cloakroom and adjoining laundry area - and am now thinking that I want some of that laundry bunting - brilliant...........think I will have to get sewing!!

  6. Hi CLARE OMG it looks gorgeous can't wait to come down to see it love the living room

  7. Thank you everyone for your lovely comments.

  8. Hello lovely Clare and thanks for stopping by Dolliedaydream!!

    I've been a little absent of late as well but am I giddy ... GIDDY catching up with your blog. Your new house looks amazing and I wish you and your family lots of health and happiness. I am in LOVE with your hallway (as well as everything else)I spy a gorgeous raspberry, flowery rug - Laura Ashley??? Also adoring your choice of wallpaper and curtains - can't believe you made those yourself.

    Secondly in love with your BABY BLUE car - I need one

    Thirdly giggling about your husband taking a sneaky picture of Paloma Faith - she is great, bonkers but great x

  9. I've been away and am just catching up with blogs....hence my late comment.

    Your new home is fabulous Clare - I love your kitchen and hallway too - so so pretty and boy, am I envious of your dishwasher!

    You've made your house a beautiful space to be in.

  10. Hey!! Your new home looks UH-MAZING!! Sooooo glad everything is working out in your favour, you must be over the moon!
    Really, really pleased for you, all of this good stuff couldn't happen to a nicer person, you so deserve it.
    Lotsa love lovely! Catch up soon!
    Love Chez. xx

  11. I am so happy to see you!! I was thinking about you yesterday...I have been so busy with garden and summer things that I have missed posts of some of my favorites! Then I saw you popped into " Seaview Cottage"... Your house!!!!!!!!! What an amazing job you have done!!! I looks so wonderful! I need color too! I think my favorite thing in the whole house is the clothesline bunting !!!! I just adore it! Clothes lines are one of my favorite subjects! So Happy for you!

  12. Hi Clare,
    Your new home looks beautiful. A lot of loving care and hard work has obviously gone into making it so lovely.
    I hope you have a wonderful time living there.
    Take care,
    Sue x

  13. Hei! This is so lovely blogg:)It is so interesting to see different decorating styles in different countries.
    Have a nice week !
    Greetings and hugs from Finland by decorating blogg SisustEllen♥

  14. That was really great, Polly! :) When you said you couldn’t live in a magnolia house, you truly mean it. Now, there’s a lot of color in it but not too chaotic, though. I particularly appreciate the living room. Red is such a striking color. Yet, even if almost every color is under its shade, it still turned out to be so attractive.

    Christian Traughber

  15. Your place looks really lovely! It looks purely vintage and I can see that its design is more inclined towards the feminine side, well except for the X-Box room. So far, I’m loving the designs that you have, including the living room. I love how you arranged your furniture and still have more than enough space. You did a great job decorating the place! Kudos :)

  16. I never liked red before but after seeing your house, I suddenly changed my mind! Your house looks so stunningly adorable! I like the idea of each room having its own character! Anyway, your house reminds me of a dollhouse!

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