Monday, 12 March 2012

"Lotte" the Vintage Caravan

"Lotte" the vintage caravan is now ready. I have waited to take some pics while the sun was shining  but that's not happening any time soon. I do not think the photos do her any justice, the weather is horrible. We are taking her off at the weekend to get some decent photos, these are just a preview. She is it brilliant condition and is a lot bigger than the previous caravans. She has 2 double beds so will make a great family caravan. We are hoping to have "Lola" the other caravan ready in about 6 weeks. She will look very different but she is still really pretty.

She is a lovely lemon colour inside and out.

As a sewing beginner I am really chuffed with all the upholstery.

Can you imagine waking up each morning to such a bright cheerful cosy caravan.

There is so much going on here besides the caravans. I am so stressed and tired. We decided to look at buying a house later on this year. We then went and found one the second day of looking. We now have sale agreed and the stress associated with the impending move. The other problem, actually there are 2 problems the first being my work load increases now till Oct as it's holiday season. Its really not the best time to move house. The other is the military house I currently live in has to look like it did when I moved in ten years ago. I have painted every room, it now has to all go back to being magnolia. It also has to be cleaned to pass a white glove inspection. I have not got the energy for any of it. I just want to go to sleep and wake up in my new house and everything has been sorted out. the next 4 months are going to be a bitch.

OMG I forgot there is some good news, its my first year anniversary tomorrow since diagnosis. That is definitely something to celebrate as is buying a house. Unfortunately I do not have the energy to celebrate anything right now. I can make up for it in the summer where I will open some fizz in my new gorgeous garden.


  1. Super pretty and looks sunny despite the weather because of the lovely colour.

  2. This month is my one year anniversary too. Hang in there - it will be worth it. xxxx

  3. Goodness me, sounds like you have taken on too much!! Sometimes things just snowball out of control dont they?! Its like my mother-in-law, she has loads on at the moment, because her dad recently passed away. She also decided to put her house up for sale to move from Hertfordshire to Kent, near us. It sold within 2 weeks and the purchasers are first time buyers so want to complete by 23rd March to avoid paying stamp duty!! So it is full steam ahead with us helping her to try to get packed in time!

    Anyway the caravan looks very pretty. I am really liking yellow at the moment - and yours looks really sweet and spring like.

    Take it easy!

  4. Your caravan looks gorgeous, all fresh and pretty.At least you can look forward to taking her away somewhere as a bit of a relief from the stress of moving house.
    Pleased for you about your one year anniversary, hope you continue to enjoy good health X

  5. Lotte looks amazing chick! Am wel jel of ur sewing skills too!
    Hope u have a good day tomorrow on your 1st year with 'NED'.
    Take care, catch up needed soon methinks.
    Love Chez. xx

  6. that ever wonderful....I could move right in!!! what a beautiful job you've done....and so happy about your one year!!
    You are busy....moving ...painting that is a lot...just take one day at a time...that is all you can do..I have been there!

  7. Lotte looks fantastic Clare! Wonder how much I'd have to pay to ship her out to Australia....?! You've done so well, and congratulations on your one year. Take care of yourself.

  8. Oh,that is so adorable. Congrats on your 1 year. That's fantastic. Try not to think about what needs to be done, just take it one step at a time. Good luck.

  9. Clare. Hi.

    Just popped in to say sorry I haven't commented for a while - I 'lost' your blog. So sorry.

    Your caravan is beautiful - Absolutely delightful. You must have worked your butt off.

    I hope the move goes smoothly - it's such a stressful thing!

  10. She is amazing and looks to be in perfect all the soft yellow touches!! Thanks for visiting my blog!

  11. Just had to comment and say what beautiful upholstery you have created for your vintage caravan, wonderful work!

    Merry Christmas


  12. You anything for sale at the moment?