Thursday, 27 June 2013

"Lola" the latest vintage caravan is finished x

It has been a while but I now have something to blog about. We have finished "Lola" the vintage Cheltenham caravan. She has been sat in the lock up for far too long waiting for us too make her pretty and at last she's ready. As she is a very desirable collectors caravan we decided to keep the inside as original as possible. I have to say though she is very cute inside and the cooker is so retro I do keep asking myself why I am selling her. 

Yes I went with a pink and white tiled floor. I did get a few concerned comments from people when I mentioned my plans but not surprisingly they actually now say it does work. I have yet again used the lovely Clarke and Clarke fabrics. Firstly because I love their designs and colours and secondly a lovely lady named Jane sells the fabric in her shop in our small town. I am a great believer in supporting the local economy first. l just hope Lola makes someone very happy when she goes to her new home.

I have also been very busy with a good friend of mine Lynn, we have started a small business doing shabby chic furniture. Guess what we called it?

It seemed the perfect name. It has really taken off in the short time we have been doing it. We are very lucky as we are able to sell our products in several local shops. We are just coming to the end of a really large local commission for a new business. Cannot put any photo's up yet but will as soon as possible. Here are a few photos of some of our sold or completed pieces.

Finally I been asked to write a regular article for an online caravan magazine. Today it was actually published. I did explain to the lovely editor that my written english is not great but she still seemed interested. Here is the link anyway if you would like to see it.


  1. Oh my gosh!!!! First how wonderful to see your post pop up!! I was thinking of you just the other day!!!
    The caravan......Wow!!! It is perfection!! I would be having a very hard time selling but....someone is going to LOVE it.....!!!!! What a beautiful job you've done...and I for one adore the floor tiles!
    Thrilled about your business ....the furniture looks amazing.!!!
    And now your a published blogger as well! So so happy for you!
    Welcome back !

  2. Hi
    This caravan is STUNNING! You have dense such an amazing job. Is it for sale or has someone bought it already? Please let me know:)