Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Just a quick post to say I am still alive. Loads going on, will hopefully be moving next week. Have bought loads of gorgeous things for the new house. Cannot wait to decorate and put all my things out again. I packed everything up so long ago that I am really starting to miss my pretty things. I just wish it wasn't the weekend of the Jubilee because I am starting to get in the spirit of it now. There are local events going on but I will be too busy with the move.

I am going to collect my new car on Friday. I have wanted this car for about 4 years and the opportunity came for me to finally buy it.

The salesman had it far to easy when I turned up at the showroom. He wanted to know what spec and model and other things like that. I told the guy I really don't care as long as its a Fiat 500 in Blue. She is so cute and will look even cuter outside my new house next week.

Will be back soon promise.