Monday, 19 March 2012

Getting there slowly

I feel very lucky to have a few hours this morning before work to myself to write a blog post. Things are so hectic here but progress is being made. The big re-decoration of  the house has started, the worst room the living room which was Cranberry is nearly finished (2 to 3 coats). It has been a case of  case of clearing one corner painting it moving everything back them clearing another. I can only describe the process as similar to a puzzle. The one which you have to move an object from one corner to another by moving lots of other pieces to get there. I have done quite a bit of packing too. I have also started the re vamp of some of my furniture. For a while now I have started to dislike my mexican pine pieces. It was great 11 years ago but everything changes eventually. The move has given me the push to transform several pieces to a shabby chic apperance. Thankfully we have the lock up where the pieces are now be stored and worked on. They are all being painted in chalk paints which is so lovely to work with. Some items will be distressed others left, it depends on which room they are going into in the new house. I will have some photos later.

There are fabric, wallpaper and paint swatches all over the place as I am hoping to have a few weeks before we move in to redecorate the new house. The only annoying thing is I cannot find a cranberry wallpaper that I totally love so I will probably have to paint the wall again, which is fine as it will still look gorgeous and cosy. The house is not a new house but a builder has completely gutted it to a very high standard so all we now have to do is making it cosmetically pleasing. After living in married quarters for most of my married life this is so much fun. We still have a few more months to go but I feel like I still have so much to do. 

Its is my first anniversary of blogging and I have to say I am still so surprised how well the blog has been recieved. It has totally exceeded my expectations. I have really enjoyed getting to meet lots of other bloggers who I find very inspiring too. Here is to another fab blogging year.

Monday, 12 March 2012

"Lotte" the Vintage Caravan

"Lotte" the vintage caravan is now ready. I have waited to take some pics while the sun was shining  but that's not happening any time soon. I do not think the photos do her any justice, the weather is horrible. We are taking her off at the weekend to get some decent photos, these are just a preview. She is it brilliant condition and is a lot bigger than the previous caravans. She has 2 double beds so will make a great family caravan. We are hoping to have "Lola" the other caravan ready in about 6 weeks. She will look very different but she is still really pretty.

She is a lovely lemon colour inside and out.

As a sewing beginner I am really chuffed with all the upholstery.

Can you imagine waking up each morning to such a bright cheerful cosy caravan.

There is so much going on here besides the caravans. I am so stressed and tired. We decided to look at buying a house later on this year. We then went and found one the second day of looking. We now have sale agreed and the stress associated with the impending move. The other problem, actually there are 2 problems the first being my work load increases now till Oct as it's holiday season. Its really not the best time to move house. The other is the military house I currently live in has to look like it did when I moved in ten years ago. I have painted every room, it now has to all go back to being magnolia. It also has to be cleaned to pass a white glove inspection. I have not got the energy for any of it. I just want to go to sleep and wake up in my new house and everything has been sorted out. the next 4 months are going to be a bitch.

OMG I forgot there is some good news, its my first year anniversary tomorrow since diagnosis. That is definitely something to celebrate as is buying a house. Unfortunately I do not have the energy to celebrate anything right now. I can make up for it in the summer where I will open some fizz in my new gorgeous garden.

Monday, 5 March 2012

Hello, I know it has been a while and I apologise for that. To be honest this is just a quick update to say I am hoping to be able to show you photos at the end of this week of "Lotte" our latest vintage caravan. She is so close to being ready. She is so pretty and bright but its been hard doing the make over in the winter. Its been so cold in the lock up that it has been hard to get motivated. I have done the upholstery and curtains myself with just a little bit of a tutorial from my mum. There are tons of scatter cushions as I got a bit carried away and of course lots of bunting. We have met our deadline which was to have her ready before Easter so we are happy. "Lola" is coming along too and should be ready for May hopefully, she is really going to be pretty. The fabrics and the flooring are probably my favourite so far. 

This is the fun bit now when I can put everything together and see the end result. So I shall hopefully be back at the weekend with lots of photos.