Monday, 5 March 2012

Hello, I know it has been a while and I apologise for that. To be honest this is just a quick update to say I am hoping to be able to show you photos at the end of this week of "Lotte" our latest vintage caravan. She is so close to being ready. She is so pretty and bright but its been hard doing the make over in the winter. Its been so cold in the lock up that it has been hard to get motivated. I have done the upholstery and curtains myself with just a little bit of a tutorial from my mum. There are tons of scatter cushions as I got a bit carried away and of course lots of bunting. We have met our deadline which was to have her ready before Easter so we are happy. "Lola" is coming along too and should be ready for May hopefully, she is really going to be pretty. The fabrics and the flooring are probably my favourite so far. 

This is the fun bit now when I can put everything together and see the end result. So I shall hopefully be back at the weekend with lots of photos. 


  1. looking forward to seeing them

  2. Oh I have missed you!! But I have not been the best lately either....I am so excited to see what you have done! The caravans look so cozy when done....makes me think I would love to do the same some day!!! we are away on a bit of a holiday and it is a warm spot!!! don't get to do this very often so I am enjoying every bit!! bike riding ....swimming.....eating too much.....very spoilt and some lovely drinks!!! but almost over and then back to chilly days ...and fires in the wood stove weather! but spring is coming and that we have to look forward to....and we are doing over are little 100 year old tiny garage into a sewing spot for me!! so exciting.....I am trying to think of a proper name for her.......any ideas???? looking forward to your pics!! xxxx