Friday, 17 August 2012

Time for some fun!!

I cannot believe how long it has been since I blogged, I have been so busy with the move and work. The Olympics did not help either, I was drawn in to watching sports I know nothing about but found compulsive viewing. I have decided to keep my bunting on the blog till after the paraolympics. It really has been a summer to make you feel proud to be British.

Work is really horrible too, I know for many of you the 6 weeks holidays mean fun and lots of it but for me its hell. I feel like or should I say I know I am working on adrenalin at the moment. Its not just the work load that increases at this time of year but the work that goes into turning over a cottage seems to double. I really do not wish to offend any families or stereotype anyone but most (not all) leave the cottages in a filthy mess. It's as if they lose the ability to tidy up after themselves if the children are with them. Do not get me wrong I know my job and what my clients expect from me, but as guests are you also not supposed to show some respect to another persons property. That's my rant over, only 3 weeks to go till some form of normality returns. 

For many years me and hubby had discussed moving to a pretty rural village which we did recently. The one thing the village had to have was a local pub we could walk to. It has, the only problem was when we put the offer in for the house the pub shut its doors and went on the market. Unbelievable, but all is well again the pub was bought and finally re-opened yesterday. Yes we popped in last night as did most of the village it seems too. Great atmosphere hope it remains.

My family and friends and myself included are in training due to me getting us involved in   a race with a difference. Its a assault course race designed by the special forces in Derby. It looks brilliant and dirty, very different from the normal 5k and 10k races I have done. I think the photos say it all really.

I have to say I am training but it is not going great. I am running, cycling and swimming but making slow progress. I think it is due to my physical workload at the moment and the heat, which is 10 times worse when you are suffering with Menopausal flushes!!!!

Next week though is going to be different, I have taken 5 days off work and that also means taking all the holiday homes bedding and towels to the laundrette for them to clean. We are entertaining family and friends for the week. I am so excited, I just want to have some fun, eat and drink plenty and switch off for a few days.