Tuesday, 30 August 2011

We now have Lola.

We have a new Vintage Caravan and she is called "Lola", she is 42 yrs old and really cute. I love her and want to keep, but I said that about the last one too. She has tons of character and will make someone very happy when she's all pretty. 

The photo's were taken in our new workshop we are renting for the winter. This will help us to get some caravans ready for Spring when glamping starts again. I have got an idea for the interior but I am still trying to source some things. Will be leaving a lot of the wood interior  as it is, this gives it a lot of character. Plus I do not want the members of the "Cheltenham Caravan Appreciation Society" banging down my door for crimes against caravan's.

Tomorrow we are of on a road trip to pick up "Lotte" who will keep "Lola" company in the workshop. The other thing happening tomorrow is I have a sewing machine arriving. I have acquired a lot of skills from my mother but her seamstress skills fail me. I have a fear of sewing machines, I have decided to overcome my fear and learn how to use one. I hope the instruction manual is written like an idiots guide or there will be tears. Unfortunately my mum does not live close by to give a demo. I think my next post will have photos with lots of bunting, can't go wrong with that can I?


  1. Oh....Lola is wonderful!! I can't wait to see what you do with her...I bought a new sewing machine this year and it is the best ...I love to sew!! Now you can make all the curtains....have fun!

  2. Oh she's lovely Clare, another fun project for you. Have fun with the sewing machine, you'll find it's very easy once you get going. I've been sewing for over 40 years, lol that does make me sound old!!! I did start when I was quite young as Mum made all my clothes & I was keen to learn. Maybe you should invite your Mum down for a visit to get you going. There are some great bunting tutorials out there to guide you.

  3. You are so lucky to keep getting those lovely caravans! Where do you find them? Is that a plate rack in this one?? I too have a phobia of the sewing machine!! I am now able to do bunting and simple cushions, but am always to scared to do much else!
    Good luck! Cant wait to see more pictures.

  4. You have found a great workshop! And Lola is gorgeous and I love the name. (Our doggie's name is also Lola)
    And good luck with the sewing machine. :) I have one for over 7 years now and sometimes I try to sew something.... Sadly I suck at it. :(
    More luck to you!

  5. I've just found your blog and it is gorgeous!!!
    I adore vintage caravans so will enjoy watching you transform Lola! Love what you did with the other one. How clever.
    Been reading about your breast cancer too, I do hope you are ok. You must have been through such worrying times but you seem to be a strong chick!
    My daughter's middle name in Lola, good choice!
    Come and see my blog if you have time. www.treasuresfromthecherrytree.blogspot.com
    Gem xx