Thursday, 18 August 2011

In celebration of........

So I have done all I can now regarding the training, I am pretty sure I will be fine. I have been practising on the race terrain which is hard to run on but at least  I have an idea what to expect. I have raised over £600 which I never expected to do so I am really pleased. I have stayed off the alcohol this week and tried to eat plenty of carbs. I will be having a pasta meal tomorrow even though we are at a friends BBQ and everyone will be eating lovely food, but I want to feel good as my energy levels are still quite low after treatment.

I have my message board already written to attach to me back with the names of all the young women I have met since March in a similar situation. I know it looks a bit arrogant putting  "Me" on there but its for when people over take me they will understand why I'm a bit slow (hopefully they will anyway). So this is for you girlie's!

My training partner Simon has been coaching me, he is running the bar in the marquee and has promised me a cold pint of whatever I fancy after my race, I cant wait.


  1. Thank you very much x Love the young - I'm old enough to be Mum to most of you lolz xxxx

  2. Aww... that's brilliant. Thank you & Good Luck for the run (and enjoy the pint at the end!!!!) xxx

  3. Aww thank u for thinking of me! Best o luck missus & yes, enjoy ur pint!! Well done for all the effort! You make feel lazy....!! Lotsa love. xx

  4. I bet you rock that race!

    Bon courage Clare.

  5. You made me get a bit teary when I saw my name! I hope you really enjoy the run, take it from me, that's the most important part :) Yvette xxx