Friday, 12 August 2011

It has been a fairly quiet week, lots a different enquires regarding caravan things though. We feel fairly confident we can do this again now, just have to find the right van again.

We went for a day out to Liverpool on Wednesday, which was lovely but I just did not want to buy any clothes or accessories. Nothing was really pulling me in, maybe its because the seasons are about to change and it feels wrong to start buying the wintry clothes just yet. Whatever the reason I was there to treat myself so decided to do it in the Cath Kidston shop. My daughter walked in with me and instantly compared it to be being a kid walking into the Disney Store. 

This is actually not for me but for the new owner of Betsy.

New pretty things for my sewing box.

For Polly Dolly the caravan some lovely tupperware boxes.

Finally some lovely stationary, now my daughter has left home I do get the opportunity to write more than I normally would.

I am returning back to work today, I am a bit nervous and bit excited. I will not be full time yet I shall see how it goes and build up to it. So I better go and get ready, bye for now.


  1. All the best with return to work, I go back on 5th September part time. I had some Cath Kidston therapy this morning. I bought a child's tiny shopper and hair band for my granddaughter's birthday gift and two pencil cases (one with stuff! and a skinny one) for me!

  2. Well hopefully the weekend of work hasn't put you off returning totally lol.

    Was great to have you back.