Friday, 18 March 2011

Hi everyone and welcome to my blog, I hope you like as much as i do. I think you will agree  its very me. 

This blog was created so I could show off my lovely vintage caravan Polly Dolly, and lots of other lovely things that make me smile.

As many of you now know I now have breast cancer and I think this will be a great way for me to record my journey as well as looking at lovely things.

Thank you everyone for all your support.


  1. Hope you get better soon and make a full and fast recovery. Darren xx

  2. Hi
    Love your site!! Its Fab. Best Friends Forever. LPxxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. Woweee - Fabulous site. And yes so very you darling! Get through that treatment quick, look forward to reading your updates and will be with you all the way! Jeany

  4. Hello were so lovely to work with my sweets...all the best from Happy and Co, with your journey...wishing you all the best :)

    Love Happy xx

  5. Hey!
    Happy sent me over here to your blog and I will follow it! My mother had breastcancer and survived it. I will hold my fingers and toes for all the luck in your journey.
    Best of love from Sweden

  6. Hello from new england!!!! I found you this morning at Happy loves rosie's blogspot! This is a wonderful way to sooth the soul..... A very healing place! There are so many wonderful people in this lovely happy world of blog. I discovered it quite by accident whilst looking for a crochet pattern..... It has truly changed my life in so many positive ways! It can only be a good thing for you! So enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love from the east coast!

  7. Hiho :)

    Lovely blog theme going on here. Really pretty.

    My Mum also survived the evil breast cancer and I hope you have a full recovery too. Bon courage.

  8. Hello and welcome! Doesn't Happy really get who you are and create the blog design of your dreams!

    Can't wait to read more from you

    Victoria x

  9. welcome to blogland.. I think you'll love it her. looking forward to visiting you! love your bloggy banner.
    have a great weekend and be sure to stop by my blog to say hi!

  10. What a beautiful blog you have, and here's to you being well and healthy again soon. Sending good and positive vibes your way. Right off to have a little snoop around your site :)

  11. Hello and welcome! Gorgeous blog and I will be popping back over regularly. Take care.

  12. Hi, I found your blog via Happy Loves Rosie blogspot! I hope that doing this blog will help to take you away from any pain or sadness you may be suffering. I look forward to reading more!
    Take care

  13. Your Blog looks great! I'll be popping over more often!

  14. You can't go wrong with Happy designing your blog it looks wonderful. Can't wait to see more posts from you. Come visit me over at Retired in Alaska as Happy designed my blog as well.

  15. Hi love it very you and you will soon be back at the the caravan

  16. I've just found your blog and wanted to give you some support from down here in Australia! Keep up the awesome design and vintage goodness! You WILL get through this and, as you can see, there's a fair few bloggers supporting you!
    Keep up the greatness!
    Miss Beck