Monday, 21 March 2011

Today is Kayleigh's sweet 16, I had to leave the house very early as I had a hospital appointment 3 hours away. After she had gone to to bed last night I blew up balloons and put some trimmings up. I wanted it to be special for her but felt so guilty for being away all day.

It was a long day and the bone scan took just under 4 hours. Apparently its very safe to have nuclear medicine injected into your body even though you have to stay away from pregnant women and children. I have my own thoughts on this hmmm.

We did get the good news this morning though that Darren my hubby is to be posted compassionately home (he's in the RAF). We were hoping this would happen in the near future after being away from home for nearly 4 years but I managed to speed that process up. He has asked me not to use such drastic measures in future.

Tomorrow I will spend the day with Su making sure our business is in order while I'm off over the next few weeks, I have every confidence she will be fine. I hate the idea that I have dropped her in this just as our busiest time approaches.

Apart from a small panic attack just before I was injected this morning I think i,m OK with everything, I will have the surgery Friday and get on with this, sooner it starts the sooner its over especially for Darren, Chloe and Kayleigh.


  1. Happy Birthday to Kayleigh (my name too! Mum loves Marillion...) and do take care, hope you are on the road to recovery soon xxx

  2. I'm sending all kinds of well wishes and healing thoughts your way...every time you get a little anxious just beam yourself into that caravan, light the candles and pour a glass of wine. check the fire outside and start making some lovely things to munch on while you sit and look at the stars........mmmmmmmm