Saturday, 2 April 2011


  As I'm off work a little bit longer I'm finding things to do that I never get round too. Haven't baked in months but I made a cake yesterday. I'm going to sort out my wardrobe and closet today, I've been  unable to shut my wardrobe properly for some time and now Darren's brought his clothes back from his last posting its at crisis point. So maybe instead of giving my clients a spring clean I will have an opportunity to do my own for a change (but not as heavy duty).

Made some chocolate lollipops this morning for the kids especially our godchildren across the road Jacob and Izzy who love coming over to see me cos I always have a bucket full of sweets. I made some chocolate chilli ones for Darren, and if they go down well I will experiment with other flavours and coverings for Easter. I bought some really gorgeous cupcake cases and matching gift boxes to carry them in from San Francisco last month. I'm sure they do sell these in the UK but Iv'e never seen any and the Americans are a bit mad for there cupcakes so its really popular there. So that will be one of my tasks for next week, I'm thinking a nice lemon frosting or maybe strawberry.


  1. Chloe, Kayleigh and Darren are going to love you off work but do't do to much xxx mum

  2. Always good to keep busy! Especially with a bit of baking hehe :) The choc lollies look gorgeous, love the cute little bucket! xxx