Monday, 25 April 2011

I,ve had a lovely relaxing time away, saw lots of friends and really chilled out. Went to some lovely towns and villages in the Cotswold's and had a great day out in Bath with Jo and Olivia. Didn't actually get to shop much in Bath as Olivia who is 3 is not into shopping (I,m sure this will change as she gets older) but I could see some lovely shops and will defiantly visit again. 

Did buy some treats from Cath Kidston and a new coffee machine as ours broke. I have to say its impressive it makes frothy Lattes in under a minute our last one had to be warmed up for 15 minutes before attempting to make one. I got some vintage egg cups on ebay I thought they would be cool in the caravan.

 I also recently bought this vintage bread bin of ebay, it was in a state when it arrived looked like it had been stored in a barn, its scrubbed and clean again now.

Have been tidying Polly Dolly for next week, checking what I need to stock in the cupboards, had to get my priorities right and make sure all the alcoholic ingredients are there for the cocktails. I think all we need to do now is refill the gas and she's ready to go. The weather has been so good it better not change next week. 

Have decided not to return to work until treatment has finished and I,m fully recovered, I will do the admin and paperwork and take in some laundry to help out but I won't be out  cleaning, this way  I can do everything at my pace and I won't be letting anyone down if I,m not up to it. 

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  1. Love ur new purchases! & great that u feel like ur batteries have been re-charged! Lotsa Love Chez. xx