Wednesday, 27 April 2011

I have been to the hospital today to discuss the next step in treatment. The test to determine the chance of recurrence in the next 10 yrs has gone to America today and the results will be back in 3 weeks. The oncologist is pretty confident I won't need chemo so will hopefully start radiotherapy in June for 4 1/2 weeks.

The good news is she is allowing me to go to Shrewsbury hospital for treatment which means I can go daily instead of staying in the hospital Mon to Fri each week in Swansea.

 I am nervous about radiotherapy as I know it burns and itches, I suffer from prickly heat in one area of my body and guess what its the breast and cleavage area. Its  so painful when it kicks in and I,m worried this is going to aggravate it  on top of everything else. The good news I had today is the doctor told me I can have liposuction on the damaged breast as its now become dented and misshapen and she says it will get worse after radiotherapy. I did make a comment to my hubby that they could use the fat from my hips and he commented that my boobs would be massive afterwards, cheeky git.


  1. we,ll keep our fingers cross it's all good news love you xxx

  2. More positive news than negative to be good!!

    Hope it all goes well for you.

  3. Hi Clare, Is it the Oncotype DX test ur having? If so, I had the same one, it's on my blog if u want to take a look? Sounds promising tho, doesn't it?! Weird that our jorney is soooo similar! Take care, Love Chez. xx

  4. Yes Chez its the same test, we are both lucky to get offered it as there are only a few places left on the trial. i will sort some photos tomorrow pretty at heart.... promisexxx

  5. My daughter had radiation years back you will survive, and being around and supported by love ones is the best medicine. You will tired out and need some TLC. oxox, Diane