Wednesday, 13 April 2011

I have just received this china pot in the post from one of my best friends Julie, it is so pretty Thank you. I think I will put sugar in but you could put any condiment in. Lisa this is the tray you bought with the hamper, it looks great on the pouffe.

I popped in to see a client this morning who is in her 90's and still so amazingly capable of most things. She made me a lovely cup of tea in a teapot with cups and saucers and it was lovely. It,s sooo much nicer to drink out of a china cup and saucer, I shall be using my teapot more often and drinking from cup and saucers too, (I have enough of them).

My blog seems to be playing up at the moment have lost things of my sidebar has anybody else experienced this? Oh it seem to have sorted itself out, obviously gremlins in the system.


  1. Can't beat a bit of lovely china! My dear Nan will be 90 on May 1st, finding it hard to believe as she looks after my Grandad, and generally runs around like a headless chicken, bless her! xxx

  2. lovely little gift! Looks so sweet in the photo. Scarlett x

  3. What a lovely pressie! I would love to see some pics of your living room. I have a deep red chesterfield sofa and am looking for inspiration for curtains, pretties, cushions etc for the summer - just dont want it to stay looking wintery/xmasy and snug - if you know what I mean?! As you seem to have a similar colour sofa would be intrigued to see more - are there any pics on older posts???