Tuesday, 26 April 2011

New haircut

Well I finally did it after weeks off thinking about it, and I really like it. I know its a bit drastic but its just what I wanted. Life is to short  (just like my hair) and my way of thinking is its only hair and it will grow back. So if I don't end up having the chemo I shall put some funky colours through it.


  1. Just love it!! You look beautiful....yea for you!!!

  2. looks really nice suits you

  3. Very swish indeed - suits you (had another look at your wedding day photos to compare - both long and short hair looks good on you.) Must be lovely and easy to dry it..mine is a nightmare (it's halfway down my back).

  4. That style really looks great on you! Good move!

    Another tempting glimpse at your lovely decor - I need to see more piccies!! lol!