Saturday, 9 April 2011

Today is another gorgeous day, I think another walk with the dogs on the beach is in order again. I heard some amazing news this week, "Pet shop Boys" are supporting "Take That" when I go with my girls in June. I know not a lot of people will agree with me here but I'm more excited about seeing them than Take That, I love the 80's.

  I  feel I,m ready to go back to work and Easter is one of our busiest times of the year, so its all hands on deck for 2 weeks even Darren has agreed to help a little bit ( a first in 3 years). I'm starting to bore myself because I'm not used to doing so little, even reading is boring me and yet I longed for those quiet times I could sit and read without distraction.

 We were invited to a works reunion tonight and I really didn't want to go, so Darren's decided to go alone. Which is fine except I'm really annoyed now because I do want to go but I can't, not that its too late notice its because I'm not really up to socialising all night and it will be a long night. I'm just frightened of missing something I always have done since I was a little girl. I bet there are people there I would love to have seen too. Never mind will go to the next one in 5 years. Have started adding to my other pages now I'm getting more confident, blogging is so much fun.

Oh yeh I know what else has annoyed me about tonight its "Hog Roast" and that's one of my fave things ever (sorry to anyone whose a vegetarian). 


  1. I've just been reading up on your updated About Me and Pretty Things pages - your wedding vow renewals looked smashing. Liked your hairdo in your home vow renewal.

    And your pretty things really are pretty. I also love roses and peonies - and tulips.

    Why don't you plan to have something nice at home for yourself tonight, just to take the edge off the disappointment about not going out? Like something special to eat and maybe a rent a good DVD or get a great book/magazine to read? Just spoil yourself a bit?

  2. Wendz thankyou for the comments and thankyou for the parcel that arrived today. They are gorgeous, cant say what they are cos there gifts but I would recommend anyone to look at Wendz homemade gifts at Modern and Vintage. Thankyouxx

  3. Aah The pet shop boys - blast from the past, bet they will be amazing. I dont like to miss anything too - shame about the hog roast - ive never had one but it looks yummy :o) Scarlett x