Monday, 18 April 2011

A few days R & R

I Have decided to get away for a few days for a short break and visit some friends. I Just feel some time away will help me recharge my batteries. The problem with taking time of work I find is that although I love my home, I sometimes feel the walls are closing in on me. Its ironic really because I crave the opportunity to potter around the house more making it pretty, but after a few weeks its just not as appealing. Hopefully while i,m away this week I will find some lovely shops to buy some treats.

The appointment is through for the oncologist so at least there is movement so hopefully I will be starting some sort of treatment by the end of May. Its 2 weeks now before we take the caravan to the site, decided to wait till it had quietened down after Easter on the site, apparently the weekend of the wedding is mad on the site. 

Will speak soon


  1. Have a nice relaxing trip away Honey, all will be well looked after in your absence and I promise to try not to pester you too much.


  2. Enjoy ur trip! Love Chez. xx

  3. Being at home for weeks does lose some of its appeal after a while.

    I hope you come back refreshed and energised - and yes, with some lovely treats too. A spot of shopping does wonders. :)

    We drove past two of our local caravan sites yesterday and I was amazed how they were filling up already - been empty all winter and now there's hustle and bustle and people and the mobile fish 'n chips van sign is up at the site's entrance advertising the days they stop there....and bunting is up everywhere - looking so festive and summery. I wish we had a caravan.

    I looked at the people lazing about reading, drinking wine, BBQing...looks so much fun.

  4. Have fun and treat yourself!!!!