Thursday, 14 April 2011

What a long day I have finally done the end of year accounts that I have been promising to start for months. It was my first time as Su has always done them and I thought it was going great, but I got right to end and found a huge discrepancy. I could not figure it out and then out of nowhere it appears. Now I cant be sure but hopefully its solved. I swear I will be doing this every month from now on.

So I didn't get an appointment through today but I did get an information letter explaining the test I,m going to be having. The test itself takes 3 weeks for the results to come back and they won't be sending that off till I've even seen the oncologist. I did ring up and they did say I'm in the system and things wont be long but with Easter coming up I'm not holding my breath. The thing that's really got me is I was given the impression 2 weeks ago I was seeing the local oncologist in Aberystwyth ( I say local but its still 1 hour away). Guess what they have now moved me to Swansea again, It is an awful 3 hour drive each way. The only way i can describe it is like a horrible winding road that feels like youre going nowhere. I just don't get it because I know people get treated in Aberystwth for Breast cancer. 

Enough of the moaning  now, Easter Hols are here and there's lots to do so lets hope for some nice weather and lots of chocolate.


  1. You moan away! Get it off your chest - that is what we are here for!!

    On a slightly different subject - we have family in Aberystwyth (dont know if I spelt that right!) and we visited them last year - very nice!

    Didnt realise you were in a military house - but would love to see the piccies, if you dont mind!

    Thanks a lot

  2. I second the wish for nice weather and chocolate - the sun disappeared a couple of days ago. No fun out there.

    And yeah, blogs are great places for a bit of a moan. It keeps things real too. So shout it out when you need too.