Friday, 15 April 2011

Should not off gone back to work yet!

I know everyone said it was too soon to go back to work but I did and  I have now been signed off  again by the doctor. Woke up with a terrible pain in my breast and thought its either a chest infection or an infection in the scar tissue. The doc thinks its more muscular and I need rest. I do have a very physical business and this is one of our busiest times of the year apart from the 6 week holidays. I have learnt my lesson and have now decided that I will return when I,m ready and healed fully and will not be rushing things. Why could this not of happened in the winter when work slows down.

I gave in regarding colouring my hair I,m sat here as I write with the colourant developing. I just thought enough is enough and its going to be weeks before I hear anything from the oncologist. I thought the roots were bad and then the silver streaks appeared, they are not a good luck. Su has looked over the accountants and thinks there great she can't find any problems so let hope the accountant thinks the same when I drop them off next week.

So I am planning a nice quiet weekend but I really wanted a nice g & t tonight but I can't drink because of the painkillers the doc gave me. Can't complain though cos they are working really well. So have a nice weekend yourself.


  1. just listen to your body and take it easy the work will still get done with out you. You have got to get yourself well wish we lived closer to you love you xxx

  2. Yes, listen to your mum! They always know best!
    You must take it easy! Your health is the most important thing!!
    I coloured my hair today too! Didnt really want to, as had an awful stomach bug for 12 hours and am really aching - but like you, too much grey showing! lol!
    Seriously, rest,rest, rest!

  3. So thinking of you....I worked in the operating room for many years...don't rush takes at least 6weeks for tissue to fully heal. You have a lot on your mind. All of these things add up.. If I could make a small suggestion..I would do all the things you do for yourself the hair and anything else you do for you...the things that make you feel like yourself. None of the what if's may ever try not to waste a second doing things because you think that they might....this is the time to be a little selfish and not to worry about it!!!! Many healing thoughts your way......

  4. I'll manage to get through it without you SOMEHOW ! Listen, you need to think about YOU now, the business will survive a while without you, you just concentrate on getting well, and making sure I'm in the right place at the right time and all will be fine.

    Hugs, see you later xxx

  5. When my roots start to show I happily ignore them - because I never look up at the top of my head - and then one day I'll suddenly notice the grey and silver and that always makes me run like a madwoman to Boots. My gray always shocks me - looks like someone else's head. Not mine.

    Look after yourself - and yeah pamper yourself a bit. Commiserations on the G&T though :(

    Maybe substitute the forbidden alcohol with another naughty treat instead? Something to look forward to at the end of the day. With me it would always be chocolate. Lots of.

  6. Thanks everyone for your comments and I have taken your advice on board Miss Hollyxx

  7. Do take it easy, I made the same mistake - must rest and listen to your body, it knows best! Sending lots of love and well wishes xxx