Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Well Darren has finally moved everything back home and its now all packed away, most of its in his man shed so he can spend all his time in there. Its not somewhere I venture very often I only go to take him out cuppa's, so I don't care if it's a mess. I must say thanks to Luke for helping with lifting boxes and moving the caravan with him as I'm a bit useless still. 

Chris the mechanic is sorting out Polly Dolly's brakes on the drive as we speak so hopefully they wont overheat this season when we are travelling. All I can say is thank god we hadn't taken her on a long journey last year when they over heated, it burst the tyre it was so hot.

In general everything is good the scars are good and healing really well. I'm happy in general (although my roots needs doing but I,m not doing it till I know about chemo cos I,m not wasting my money if its all going to fall out anyway) and I'm looking forward to going back to work soon before my next treatment whatever and whenever it is.


  1. Glad you are healing well, take care xxx

  2. Glad you are healing well and all is good at the mo. I agree with the easy read books, love a good chick lit beach book :o) Scarlett x

  3. Well if they say chemo is a must then as with everything else you'll get through it with a smile and a joke and come out stronger and better, and as for the hair, just think of all the amazing wigs you could wear !!! and with your sense of style scarves with flowers attached etc etc will become the rage I'm sure :-) But whatever happens you know where I am whether you need a cry or a laugh I'm sure I can supply it, just hurry up and get well cause I miss you xxx

    And as for the chocolate lollies !!! I shall be awaiting my delivery soon lol xxx

  4. I went into my hubby's shed today and couldn't wait to get out.

    I was looking for some paint and all I could think of, as I stumbled over boxes and odd shaped bags, and bicycles and golf gear and gardening stuff was....."please don't let a spider run over my foot." (I had my Birkies on.) Man shed indeed. They can keep 'em!