Monday, 2 May 2011

Polly Dolly starts glamping tomorrow!

So we are finally ready to go tomorrow, the weather looks good for the next few days with this strong wind supposedly dying by tomorrow. The only down side is we had to buy a plastic shed to house the deck chairs and other things, it will have to be hidden out of the way as its far too modern and not pretty for Polly Dolly. Last year we purchased a scout tent from about 1920 and it was so cool but it just was'nt up to the weather during the whole season. We decided to protect it and use something else as it is really special.

 So all the prep has been done but i,m sure when we get there we will realise we've forgotten something. 

Had a great day Friday, can't believe how excited I was about the wedding and it was so lovely to watch. Kate looked stunning but I have to say it was Pippa the bridesmaid that stole the show for me, that dress was gorgeous. We started on the bubbly at 10.30 and carried on all day and night with a bbq and ending sat round the chimnea. 

Will be back in a few days with some pics.


  1. Enjoy the Glamping! Hope ur feeling OK?
    Pls leave the FULL link for ur blogpage when u next 'visit' me! Love Chez. xx

  2. Have a wonderful time!!! It looks like so much fun!!! I adored the wedding and I agree pippa's dress was a stunner....of course one would have to have that body to look like that in it!!!!!! Next life maybe.......enjoy...

  3. I loved the wedding too and actually woke up on Sat feeling all flat and depressed after the excitement of Friday - hubby ended up taking me out antiquing to perk me up!

    I wonder how long Pippa will stay with her boyfriend now that she has become so popular - the world is hers for the taking - and why not - she's so young and pretty!

    I hope you have a cracking holiday - your little enclosure looks cozy - seems so much fun. :)

  4. It is so cozy and I'm even more excited cos iv'e bought new things this season to make it even cosierxxx

  5. Hope you have a lovely time :) Looking forward to seeing your photos

    All things nice...

  6. Good luck with the glamping! Your Friday sounds perfect - I think the nation were out barbecuing in force! xxx

  7. Thanks for popping by my site!!! love to hear from people! your little nest is going to be heaven! gives me an idea for an embroidery!!

  8. Clare, Can I use a picture of Polly on my website. I love her so much. I hope you are getting better every day. Can I privately give you my email to discuss picture?

    1. Hi Kathleen email me on

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