Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Results not in!

Just a quick entry today as I know people are going to be checking in to find out my results. Had a call this morning to say the results have not arrived and have no new appointment as I would rather wait for confirmation now before getting my hopes up.

I,m not in a great mood because I,m fed up of the last 4 months and constantly waiting for some appointment or result. I know these are the last major results and it will all be straightforward and planned when the results are back so it was an anti climax to get the call. 

I feel one of those days coming on when I don't bother getting out of my pj's.


  1. Oh Clare, what a disappointment chick. It's a pain in the ar*e, honey, if u don't wanna get dressed today - or any day - then stay in ur pj's & just try to chill (easier said than done, i know). I completely understand cos I waited 3 wks for my results from the USA too, I felt like I couldn't move any further forward until I knew what was going on....I really hope u get them soon, at least then u will know 'which direction' you're going in. I have been thinking of attending one of BCC's Younger Women Forums, I am gonna phone them & ask if there's gonna be one in Wales.....ur exactly the same age as me (& so strange that we have so many similarities - including the little Welsh Village thing!)....maybe we should both make the effort to go to one of these forums? Please email me cos if there is a forum in Wales & u were interested in attending too, at least we wouldn't be both turning up alone! Have a think about it chick, take care, thinking of you. Love Chez. xx