Saturday, 21 May 2011

Army Barmy

The family and friends who visit my blog will know about my eldest daughter Chloe who is 17, for everyone else they will know very little about her. I have tried not to discuss other people on my blog as I feel its unfair to talk about them they as a third party. Today I will talk about her though as I,m really proud of her.

So I will not be lying if I said Chloe and myself have clashed for a long time, some may say since she was a baby, our relationship has been very volatile at times. I know if Chloe is reading this she will not be disagreeing with me. She is a very head strong young women who will do what she wants and from a very young age she has wanted to be in the military. Her father and myself both pushed her towards the RAF as this is what we both know and she did entertain this choice for many years. The last 2 years though with hand on my heart I realised it was the Army that she was going to be a natural in, the RAF was just not exciting enough. The difference in her when she went down the path of Army was amazing, and she has worked so hard mostly off her own back, she did her 2 day selection yesterday and has been accepted. She has done really well and the job she has chosen is a technical trade, but she will using her skills in adrenalin situations which is exactly what she wanted.

 So she will probably be leaving home in 5 weeks, I,m really proud of her and I know there have been many times I have wished for this to happen and I,m in no doubt she has felt the same,but she is my daughter and I will miss her.

People have asked me how can you be happy about her joining the Army and what happens if she ends up in a conflict area. Well she will be there doing what she loves and she will be happy so I am happy for her. There are not many people who really do the job they want with as much passion as her.

Well done Chloe and good luck!


  1. That's a very honest and moving post Clare. Motherhood can tear you apart - we don't speak out about the tough side of it very much, do we.

    You are right to be proud of Chloe - a lot of kids at 17 haven't the faintest idea of what they want, let alone work hard for it. Good on Chloe and on you - you raised her so you can take a lot of the credit too.

    I hope Chloe succeeds in her chosen career.

  2. Thank you Wendz for your lovely commentxx

  3. Absolutely fabulous, you are right to be very proud of her, she's a credit to you both. xxx

  4. What wonderful news she is a chip off the old block i tell you i know where she gets her determination from !!! Big kiss and hug to Chloe from me so proud brilliant news, your post was very honest Clare and very true hope you are ok spk soon trouble this end with son number one again as usualxx Mal