Saturday, 14 May 2011

Result are in.

I would of been on here yesterday but as many of you are aware blogger was down.
So the results are all good, very low score regarding the recurrence of  cancer in the next 10 years. So I now know what is going to happen and when, so I'm back in control again, yeh!

I cannot believe how relaxed I actually was last night, we went up to the caravan even though the weather was horrible but we had a really good time. We sat and drank "mohitos" which were gorgeous and got slightly drunk, but I just felt so much more relaxed than I have in ages, I did not realise what a burden the last 4 months have been.

When we arrived at the caravan there was a huge swarm off wasps by our picnic bench, we could not figure out why until we looked underneath.

Yes we had a very new wasps nest attached to it, this must of taken a few days because it was not there on Thursday when we left. So we very carefully moved the table to the riverbank and claimed a new bench. Then this morning we sat inside the caravan watching a cheeky squirrel checking out our pitch and even climbing up the awning pole to see what was up there. 

I received a parcel yesterday from a good friend of mine who I lost touch with for a few years, we have recently got back in touch again through freinds reunited. We both joined the RAF together in 89, and she now lives in Spain. The parcel was some lovely chocolates from some ladies in Lincoln called "Chocs away". On the paperwork which arrives with the chocs they talk about themselves as friends who now run a business together after they both met in 89 when they joined the RAF together. I asked Sam about this and we all joined up together (small world) and she has been in touch with them through facebook. So I will check out their website and leave some lovely feedback cos the chocs were lush. 

Also a new friend of mine Chez and myself are going to have a weekend away in September at a forum for young women with Breast cancer. I met Chez through breast cancer care and blogging, our situations and lives are very similar its  weird, check out her blog Now don't get me wrong here I am really interested in what will be going on at the forum as I know some of the workshops are going to be very beneficial to me, but I,m looking forward to a couple off nights away having some fun and it will be good to actually meet Chez. Its weird how things happen isn't it.

So thats all for now got surgery monday and will speak after that.


  1. Excellent results Clare, so pleased for you! & yes, I'm looking forward to the forum but I'm also looking forward to meeting you & having a bit of a jolly away from home, ha! Take care, Love Chez. xx

  2. Oh I'm so pleased!! What brilliant news - you mus feel like a weight has been lifted! Dont blame you for relaxing and getting a bit tipsy!! Here's to the future............cheers!!


  3. Fabulous news!! So pleased for you! Enjoy a bit of relaxation now :o) My mum had breast cancer but has been all clear for 10 years now with no looking back. Wishing the same for you. Mwah Scarlett x

  4. Oh chocolates! I could murder a great big chunk of the chocolatey stuff right now. *sigh* Good job you didn't sit on that picnic bench unknowingly - might have got a whole lot more than you wanted from a bench.

    An absolutely brilliant news about your results - way to go - am super chuffed for you. Hope Monday is OK - take care.

  5. Great news Clare, finally the light at the end of the tunnel. Good luck for Monday.

  6. I am overjoyed to hear your news!!!! Now you can chocolate ..have for your surgery... my wonderful mother used to say " I'll be in your pocket......". All will be well....

  7. So glad that things aren't too scary! Enjoy your time away :) xxx