Thursday, 5 May 2011

We are back after 2 days away, the weather changed and I became ill today so wanted the comfort of my own bed. We had a great few days away although not a drop of  alcohol passed my lips I felt so yucky and exhausted I just drank tea. The site we stay on is great its right by a river bank in a forest. 

This is us arriving and Darren doing all the heavy work.

Our view from Polly Dolly we are right next to the river bank.

Our vintage sun shelter and deckchairs and my new windbreaks below, we now have more space  so have managed to get hold of a few more to mark our territory.

Last night sat around the firepit.

It was really good to spend time in her, the great thing about the site is there are no mobile reception or braodband. Then yesterday the owner informed us that broadband would be connected today as so many guests are requiring it these days. At first it was like great but after thinking about it maybe not. The whole point of going there is to get away from everything. 

The oncologist  rang me today to say they are bringing my results forward a week to wed. Its nothing to worry about, they have tracked the results in America and there nearly ready. I made the mistake of saying I felt ill, they then contacted the breast dept who now want to see me on Monday. I do feel ill but I,m sure its a viral thing and they have insisted I see my doctor tomorrow in case I need antibiotics. I will keep my mouth shut in future.


  1. Firstly - no you mustn't keep your mouth shut in future! It is good and important that you get seen and everything treated asap - even just to stop you feeling so yucky!

    I am loving those new windbreaks - where are they from???


  2. Aaah your camping spot is just lovely. Half expect the famous Five to pop in for some ginger beer and cake. Gorgeous windbreaks.

    What a bummer that you felt so ill though - am sorry about that. And yeah, better to see the doc when you feel under the weather than not - although hark at me I would be on my deathbed before I agree to see a doctor.

  3. Thanks girls for your comments I just hate been ill. Even though I do feel just as bad this morning.

    Pretty at heart those windbreaks are from ebay, not easy to find though. Bought 2 last summer couldn't believe my luck when I managed to find 2 more the other day when I realised we had more space.

  4. What a lovely spot you had! And such gorgeous windbreaks!

    Lets hope its just a bug making you feel rotten at the moment - get down the doctors, I'm sure they'll be able to help

    Take care xxx

  5. Just back from the doctors and its not a bug I have an infection in my wound so have been given 2 antibiotics and bed rest. I,m too exhausted to do anything at the moment anyway.

  6. Hope ur feeling better soon chick. Lotsa Love Chez. xx

  7. I'm sending you lots of well wishes....just rest and get better...try not to let it get you down...your caravan looks like so much'll be back in it soon!!