Friday, 23 September 2011

New Opportunities.

I have acquired a rather large storage room in the workshop attached to our Caravan workshop. Also attached is a larger room which Hubby is using for his community work with kids. He has given me the space to do whatever I want. It needs tidying up and a lick of paint but its dry, it has electrics and water, a small kitchen and is a decent size overall. So what do I do with it?

I have several ideas, but they are all going to cost money initially. The one that really appeals to me is buying Vintage furniture and giving it a new lease of life. I did yesterday acquire two vintage kitchen tables and chairs to match. So you could say I have already started. I am scouring the Internet for any decent finds that are not to expensive. The only problem with larger items is they want you to collect only. That's just not practical for us in most cases due to where we live. So I think this will take off, but very slowly which is fine. Its not as if I do not have enough to do anyway, I am working and I have all the sewing to do for the new caravans too. 

Our Lives seem more hectic now than I can ever remember, its mad really as the last 6 months should of been about taking it easy after everything that has happened. Life is too short though and if an opportunity arises you have to try it. If it does not work out I will have some lovely furniture for my home.


  1. Sounds wonderful Clare!!! What a great opportunity, I'd be like you with so many ideas zooming around my head. I think giving vintage furniture a new lease of life is a great idea. You could pick up all sorts of vintage bits & bobs to add to your stock. I've just started collecting in the hope of maybe taking Lucy to some markets or swap meets & selling vintage things out of her. We downsized when we moved last year so I'm really pushed for space to store the things I'm buying. Oh & now you've started sewing you could make bunting to sell & cushions & bags & & &..... :-) Make sure you take pics of the room so you can show your progress.

  2. So happy about the sewing! And a space to fill and do what ever you want in! Oh......Man... a workshop ..a vintage workshop........Have fun !

  3. What a great opportunity. I would love to do up furniture. If you have a tip near you it's always worth looking there for furniture, ive had some great bits. Scarlett x