Saturday, 28 April 2012

Furniture update

Hi everyone, I know it has been a while but I am back. Since we agreed the sale on our new house 7 weeks ago it has been full on here. I am a very organised person (probably due to time served in the military) so I have been doing as much as I can before the move. This house is horrid to live in now as everything is packed. The living room looks like a storage depot. I have made new curtains ordered new accessories for the house and bought lots of wallpaper and paint. I have taken nearly every piece of furniture down to the lock up for a refurb. The only furniture I am not going to touch is my bedroom as I still kinda like it as it is. I have a few photos which were taken a while ago, there is a lot more furniture down there now so I will get more photos soon.

This is part of the furniture for the conservatory.

This is the furniture for the kitchen and hallway.

I have to say I am so enjoying doing the furniture, just watching it transform is so lovely.

I shall get some more photos of the rest of the furniture. I am waiting on some dark wax arriving so they can be distressed.

I was recently approached by a lovely lady in Australia who asked to do a piece on "Lotte" the caravan ( who has now sold). I was chuffed to bits, there is a big Vintage Caravan following. Down under here is the link
Anna actually edited the photos to make them look better, I need to learn how to do that.

I have also managed to fit a surprise trip in for my Hubby to Rome. It was his 4oth and I wanted to do something special for all the support he has given me over the last 12 months. It was brilliant, we had such a good time and Rome is amazing. We went with some of our best friends and had such a good laugh.

The only bad thing was one of my dogs became ill while we were travelling home. She had a seizure while my daughter was looking after her. It was awful, you just want to be at home my pets are like my children. She has been checked since by a vet who says we have to wait to see if it happens again before we do anything else. She has been fine so far so fingers crossed.

This is a sneaky photo my hubby got in the departure lounge in Rome. Its a photo of Paloma Faith who was on our flight. She was actually in economy too and sat a few seats in front of us, did not expect that.

I shall be back soon as I do have lots more too share but its work in progress.


  1. Ohhhh I'm so jealous,Rome is on my to visit list..Haha It's a very long list.( Paloma faith !)
    Lovee the look of your furniture,exciting times ahead for you,have fun
    XX Manda XX

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  3. I thought you hadn't posted for a while, now I know why! Rome is a place I have never been but would really love to go. Isn't it sad when you start packing up your belongings for a house move? Its nice moving on but it looks so spartan until you actually do.I'm looking forward to seeing everything in its new home X

  4. Sounds like ur doing great chick! we need a natter on the phone very soon! Lotsa love, Chez. xx

  5. I've just found your blog and I love it!!! I'm going to make a cuppa and have a read through all your posts. I so love vintage caravans and I'd love to own day, my blog was designed by the clever "happy" too, Lucey x

  6. Clare, I LOVE your hair, it looks fab with the cute flower in it! Your newly painted furniture looks the goods too.xx

  7. Are you planning to repaint them? In my opinion they will look great in a white paint. Wish I could visit Rome someday I would love to see the beautiful places it offers to it's tourist.