Saturday, 28 April 2012

Furniture update

Hi everyone, I know it has been a while but I am back. Since we agreed the sale on our new house 7 weeks ago it has been full on here. I am a very organised person (probably due to time served in the military) so I have been doing as much as I can before the move. This house is horrid to live in now as everything is packed. The living room looks like a storage depot. I have made new curtains ordered new accessories for the house and bought lots of wallpaper and paint. I have taken nearly every piece of furniture down to the lock up for a refurb. The only furniture I am not going to touch is my bedroom as I still kinda like it as it is. I have a few photos which were taken a while ago, there is a lot more furniture down there now so I will get more photos soon.

This is part of the furniture for the conservatory.

This is the furniture for the kitchen and hallway.

I have to say I am so enjoying doing the furniture, just watching it transform is so lovely.

I shall get some more photos of the rest of the furniture. I am waiting on some dark wax arriving so they can be distressed.

I was recently approached by a lovely lady in Australia who asked to do a piece on "Lotte" the caravan ( who has now sold). I was chuffed to bits, there is a big Vintage Caravan following. Down under here is the link
Anna actually edited the photos to make them look better, I need to learn how to do that.

I have also managed to fit a surprise trip in for my Hubby to Rome. It was his 4oth and I wanted to do something special for all the support he has given me over the last 12 months. It was brilliant, we had such a good time and Rome is amazing. We went with some of our best friends and had such a good laugh.

The only bad thing was one of my dogs became ill while we were travelling home. She had a seizure while my daughter was looking after her. It was awful, you just want to be at home my pets are like my children. She has been checked since by a vet who says we have to wait to see if it happens again before we do anything else. She has been fine so far so fingers crossed.

This is a sneaky photo my hubby got in the departure lounge in Rome. Its a photo of Paloma Faith who was on our flight. She was actually in economy too and sat a few seats in front of us, did not expect that.

I shall be back soon as I do have lots more too share but its work in progress.