Saturday, 8 October 2011

The Vintage workshop is ready

The new lock up is now ready, its been hard work but I am really happy with it. It is now a space I can definitely work in.

This is actually one of the pieces of furniture I bought to do up but it looks good in the kitchen so after a paint job it might stay. It has the original spice jars too, thats what the red knobs are.

Even the kitchen cupboard got a make over.

Refurbished table and chairs

The only reason I am showing the toilet is to show my new purchase which is a vintage hand towel rail which I think is perfect for the age of the building.

Another dresser from the 30's which need some TLC.

Hand made  by myself lined curtains to hide an ugly corridor.

There is plenty to do as one of the caravan interiors is nearly ready so I have lots of curtains and cushions to make. Its so handy though because the caravans are in the next room. 

I wasn't going to show you my hubby's games room which is also linked through another door but we have put a lot of hard work into it so I will just this once. Its for Warhammer and war gaming which I know nothing about or ever wish to for that matter.

Me and our friend Paul enjoying drinks at last nights opening.

All the chairs were bought from an auction. We then painted and recovered them all to match the red and black theme.

So all in all its pretty perfect and only 500 yards from our home.


  1. Every thing looks really good and bigger than I expected. Good for you

  2. Def getting there - you have some lovely furniture.

    My son is into Warhammer, but I too have no knowledge of it!

  3. Wow! That is amazing. The transformation! Fab fab fab - you must have worked your backside off.

    I am utterly in love with your kitchen dresser- I always eye those up when we go to auctions but we have nowhere to put one, in our 1980's oak fitted kitchen (sigh) - so I can only admire them then walk away.

  4. Thanks Clare, could have picked a better photo of me, preferably one where I don't look like I'm doing "I'm a little teapot" ;)

  5. Wow your workshop looks amazing!
    That beautifull piece of furniture in your first photo is really beautifull. I showed it to my boyfriend and the first thing he asked was if it was for sale... :) He liked it also!

  6. gorgeous space! It will be soooo inspirational to work in! Lizzie x