Friday, 28 October 2011

I am off to the show.

This year through pure fluke I am able to visit the show again. I visited 3 years ago and loved it. It must be the same feeling a child gets when they walk through the gates of Disney Land. I did look months ago about getting down to London to visit and it was to complicated and expensive, but things have changed now. 

My hubby and I have been on the Anthony Nolan Bone Marrow donor for over 10 years with very little activity. Hubby has now been matched a donor after a summer of lots of blood testing. We are both off to London to start the first part of the process while the show is on. Due to the fact you cannot get to London and back in a day from our home we are staying in a hotel. I cannot believe the coincidence of it all. I also booked 2 tickets last night to go see "Blood Brothers" as I never been to a London show and Blood Brothers has fantastic reviews.

I am really proud of hubby for what he is doing, he dose not see what the big deal is but I think that's because he's a bloke. I was informed sadly yesterday that I have to come off the register due to having cancer. He will not get to meet the recipient or find out how the actual transplant went, we just have to hope it works.


  1. How lovely to get to go to the Christmas Fair and to spend a weekend in London - even if part of it might not be that much fun. Blimey he is a brave man, your hubby. And hugely admirable.

  2. Hi Clare, what a fantastic thing ur hubby is doing, you are both amazing people. I hope u enjoy ur trip, the show & Blood Brothers, u deserve it. With a lorra lorra love from Chez. xx

  3. Wow ! What an amazing thing to do! Having worked in medicine I know full well what a wonderful thing he is doing for happy for you and the show ! Oh would I ever love to go to something like that! The ideas will be brimming !! Have a wonderful time...and do take some pics!!

  4. Hope you have a absolute fabulous time in London (Lots of photo's please ),you soo deserve it.How fantastically brave is your husband ,hope everything goes well.
    XX Manda XX