Friday, 4 November 2011

A small setback.

I know I have not mentioned the cancer for a while, that is because I do not have cancer anymore. It took at least 2 month after radiotherapy for my energy to return. So all in all everything has been going as planned. There has been changes though in the last few months which are not life threatening but a big problem for day to day living. 

The reason I was diagnosed was because I was having long term treatment for breast cysts, my surgeon told me after diagnosis that the good thing to come out of all this is that Tamoxifen (breast cancer drug) would stop the cysts. For the first 3 months it was fantastic, no lumps or pain. Unfortunately that did not last and they have started to return but actually a lot more painful. I was scanned by my surgeon yesterday who found the cysts and tried to syringe some without any luck as they are to deep. The syringing and examination were very painful and I did cry. I think the nurse and doctor were surprised at how much pain I was in by just touching. My breast nurse was lovely and said we know your not a wimp Clare we can see how bad this for you. The reason why my damaged breast is so painful is the cysts are growing in the scar tissue and muscle, which is affecting my movement.

So an appointment has been made to see my Oncologist again to make some changes. I have 2 options, have my ovaries removed or change the drugs and have injections in my stomach. Both will put me in the menopause but going down the drug induced road it can be reversed one day at the end of all this. I will become pain free so there is no doubt I will be doing one or the other. I personally do not want to do either option, but because of the cancer I have no choice, it is my only protection from cancer returning. I have a couple of weeks to do my research and figure out which choice is going to be best for me. I am fed up, I am tired, I just want some normality.


  1. Aah blimey Clare, that just sucks. I'm sorry you are going through yet more misery and I hope you get it sorted soon.

    Stay strong. Sending you a big hug.


  2. Hi Clare, I can imagine how fed up & tired you are, I want 'normality' too, every time I start to think positively, something else's like a slap in the face really.
    I think the thing that keeps me going tho, is realising that it still early days (for both of us) treatment wise & that there are bound to be some blips & small setbacks along the way.
    Hopefully you'll feel better after you've made your decision & once you are sorted, you'll be happy & positive again.
    Always here if you need a chat, lotsa love chick. xx

  3. Not sure really what to say ,youve clearly been and still going through the wars, so im just simply wishing you all the very best and hoping everything works out for you and that your pain free really soon xxxx

  4. Whatever option you choose you will get through it the same as you've gotten through all of it, with style, grace and a bloody good sense of humour.

    You know I'm here for whatever you need, love and hugs as always xxx

  5. Oh Claire, so sorry you are going through this pain, sending you a big hug and am hoping it all works out for the best and you are painfree. Scarlett x

  6. Oh no, you poor thing! It never rains but it pours!! Why is life like that - just when you think you are thru the worst it hits you with something else!
    You are very brave and strong and will make the right decisions and get thru this!!
    Take care

  7. As one who has lost her ovaries to cancer, I would suggest you have your ovaries removed. My sister who had breast cancer 4 years ago is having her ovaries removed. This will remove her risk of ovarian cancer and also dramatically reduce the drugs she has to take. Yes, the menopause is a pain but you will have it one day whatever. Hugs, it is horrid that you are back in pain after being pain free for a while. xxx

  8. Bloody hell......I am so sorry Claire...I have also had my ovaries out and although it was not what I really wanted was not the worst thing either..menopause is just part of life for all of us sooner or later...and for me was not so ...that would describe it for me 'am sure whatever you decide will be right for you....really heartfelt hugs to you...xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  9. What a crap thing to be happening,your so brave.
    I hope you can come to a decision as to what treatment is best for you,lots of big hugs and luvs!! I'm totally thinking of you Claire.
    XX Manda XX

  10. You are so brave; you must have a great support network around you and that is what always helps us through. Take each day as it comes and I'm sure your heart will guide you to the right decision for you. Take care of yourself.....

  11. You poor things. I am so sorry you are going through this pain. I can't imagine how this is for you and your family having to watch in this much pain. Just remember there is no wrong choice just your choice.
    I hope the doctors work fast and your pain does not last for too much longer x

  12. Oh Clare, my goodness, you really have had more than your fair share of pain and illness. You are one of the most upbeat and brave bloggers I have ever come across so please stay strong and positive. I'm sure what ever decision you make will be difficult but will be the right one. I am currently just beginning the menopause, and yes, it is upsetting and unsettling at times but it isn't anywhere near as traumatic as the experiences you have already had with your cancer. My heart goes out to you. Stay sunny and I'm praying you will get through this sooner rather than later. Take care, Sue x

  13. Oh poor you! I also have a lot of cysts in both breasts. This past year I've had ultrasounds, a mamogram, several needle biopsies & a core biopsy on a 'suspect' lump. All clear now, just cysts, cysts & more cysts. I saw my breast surgeon 2 days ago & I don't have to go back. I did mention to her though that my breasts have been incredibly sore this past month, it's something that comes & goes, & she suggested Evening Primrose Oil as it has helped tons of woman. Have you tried it or have any of your Dr's mentioned it?
    You have a big decision to make, talk to lot's of people then take time to think.{{{{hugs}}}}