Friday, 18 November 2011

End of one chapter, start of a new one.

I saw my Oncologist this week and the good news is I start monthly injections to put my ovaries to sleep for a few years. It was not that straight forward with him though, I had to prove to him that it would benefit me. I know he would of agreed to the treatment but he just wanted to make sure I understood  what I would be taking on. I am so relieved, just thinking that some time soon I will be pain free, it is so exciting. I shall deal with the menopause issues as I go along, who knows I may sail through it, my mum did apparently. This will hopefully cut back on hospital visits, I am hoping soon it will be just one trip a year for a mammogram.

Its has been an uplifting week for me all round, yesterday I ended my counselling sessions as I am in a good place now. I had 6 sessions as I felt a few months ago I was not coping well. It is amazing the difference now, its like a chapter of my life is done with. I have done my grieving, I have talked everything through, I am happy now. We did not even finish the last session as I did not think there was anything left to say.

Darren my husband who had been selected to donate his bone marrow passed the last and final stage. This now means he starts his treatment next week to grow his Stem Cell's for transplantation in 10 days time. Its great news, so we are back off to London for 3 days. It will not be as hectic as last week though as he will be very tired. It may be that he just wants to rest in the hotel, which is absolutely fine. That is one of the reasons we did so much last week. Maybe I will go off on my own Xmas shopping and let him rest.

I am spending this weekend with some of my Best friends at a wedding, I am really looking forward to it. I am going to have some fun with a bit of glamour.

I have some more vintage finds that I shall post next week. One is on the way from America, it will hopefully arrive in the next few days.


  1. you sound a lot happier now, didn't know you was going for counselling it probably did you good to talk to some one about it. hopefully next will be a good one for you love you xx

  2. I'm finding my counselling very useful. Glad you managed to convince your Oncologist to help you x

  3. Oh Clare I am so pleased for you, you sound in great spirits, I'm so glad the counselling helped too, it's great to just offload all of the crap we've been through.
    We will have to meet up again!
    I'm feeling good too but may need the test for the BRCA1 gene....let's hope not tho!!
    Have a fabulous weekend with ur friends at the wedding, u will look beautiful as always, lotsa love. xx

  4. So glad you are in a happier place Clare, lots of love to you xxx

  5. You just made my day!! I am so happy for you run with it!!! What a fantastic thing your husband is doing......bravo for him.....I think Christmas shopping is just the thing....we are having the perfect fall day here today ...cold crisp sunny....still a few golden leaves on the trees......have the best time ever in london.....xx from across the pond!!

  6. Onwards and upwards, Clare, enjoy your time in London!