Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Some presents for me.

Had a brilliant long weekend away at a friends wedding. It is so good to catch up with mates. 
As we were in Yorkshire we decided to visit a little town called "Holmfirth" you may know it from the TV series "Last of the Summer Wine". Its a really pretty old town,  there were some lovely little shops and I did manage to buy myself some little pressies.

The cushions below were from a little vintage shop. I love the colours and the pattern. There is so much detail on them, not sure where they will go but I had to have them.

More roses (can't resist)

A cute little vintage style jug.

I have also bought a few original vintage pieces recently. Our linen basket was disintegrating to the point it was no longer a basket. I decided to buy a "Lloyd Loom" original one to replace it. I was looking for a while until I found a really unique one with a domed top. It is slightly smaller than our old one but a lot prettier. I will probably take it to the workshop soon and paint it again, although it is in great condition.

Finally my Xmas vintage buy was a box of 1960's baubles. They are so pretty, Can't wait to put the tree up and all the decorations.

My vintage piece from America still has not arrived, hopefully some time this week.


  1. The cushion is fabulous - I can see why you had to have it. Beautiful creation.

    I was thinking just a few days ago about all the christmas decorations we had as kids and wonder what my Mum did with them. Probably binned them - AAAGH!

    I love Lloyd Loom furniture - have a dressing table stool I repainted. Tedious job as you have to do lots of thin coats to avoid soaking the weave and warping it. Good luck!

  2. Love your cushion and your gorgeous finds Clare ...I often buy things, and only after do I think where can I put them .
    XX Manda XX

  3. You did well Clare!! Congratulations on some fab finds!

  4. I am getting seriously concerned that there won't actually be room for you lot in that house of yours if you buy much more lol, especially bloody roses !!! :-) xxx

  5. Thank you so much for your kind comments on my blog : ). What a lovely stash of Vintage loveliness you have shown us!! I will be busy the next two weeks as I have two Vintage fairs to do. Really looking forward to it, as the other sellers are lovely, and we have great fun!
    Have a good week : )

    Sharon xx

  6. Those cushions are amazing!!! I also adore the chrimo decs :o) Scarlett x