Thursday, 10 November 2011

London was Fab!

Before I talk about London I want to say thanks for all the comments left on my last post about the menopause. Hearing other women's experiences is helping me to make the right choice.

We returned home last night from London after 2 brilliant days. I am not going to forget about the reason we were visiting because that is really important, but it was fun. 

I really don't like using OMG to describe a situation but that is exactly what I thought when we went to to hospital in London. Its a very posh private hospital, not like anything I've ever stayed in or will ever I am sure of that. The security guards wear suits as do the waiters, who bring your food and drink on silver trays. Its was so clean and brand new. I have paid to go private, I still had the same hospital ward, same nurses, same food I just went up the list a lot quicker. This was on a completely different level. Anyway the medical went well and hubby had a lot of blood taken out of him. We wait now to find out if he goes ahead with the stem cell transplant in 2 weeks. The sad thing is that the recipient has only got a 10% chance of survival at the moment, hopefully the transplant will take him to a 50/50 chance.

London was amazing, it has become a great city. "Blood Brothers" the musical was amazing and Marti Pellow is very sultry and sexy in it. It's a very emotional drama, I really do recommend it. 

The Country Living show was great as usual. I did come out of there with lots of bags with lots of pretty things inside them. I cannot show everything because some are gifts for xmas. It was nice to see some Vintage stalls this year selling unique pieces. I can't lie though and say its a pleasant experience shopping in the show. There is a lot of pushing and shoving, it gets hot and frustrating especially around the popular stalls. There are lots of people crammed into a small space but I really think its worth it.

The wine carrier is new as is the vase and the gorgeous roses which are not real. I cannot resist really good artificial roses, it is my weakness.

A gorgeous vintage roasting tin for £5. I already have one but could not resist.

A 1950's original sugar dispenser.

A cutlery caddy for my vintage cutlery.

Finally these 2 handmade wooden stockings. 

I have also been busy pickling as we are all pickled onion nuts in this house. 

Some of the jars on the dresser.

And more in the kitchen. I have nearly 20 jars in total and some are very large jars. We are all on countdown with 3 weeks remaining till we can start eating them. Can't wait!


  1. Oh that sugar dispenser is fabulous! Love it. Maybe next year I can go to the CL show - although by all accounts, yours included, the crush of people will probably send me doollally - I don't do crowds very well.

    Your kitchen always looks so inviting. :)

  2. Ooh I love all your buys! I have seen blood brothers twice - its brill. Scarlett x

  3. So glad you had a good time,lovin all your pretties,I really need to visit the show one day,take care XX Manda XX

  4. Great news that you had a fantastic time in London and discovered fabulous finds for your house. My fingers are crossed for your husband and thoughts go out to the donor and family of the donor who have the opportunity to keep your husband alive.xx