Monday, 5 December 2011

Its Christmas time.

We returned to London for 3 days last week for Darren to carry out the stem cell retrieval. Everything went really well and the quality produced was of a really high standard. The recipient will have had the transplant by now so fingers crossed.

London was great again but I was happy to come home after 3 days. I do love to visit towns and city's but I love coming home to the peace and quiet. My hubby wanted to visit the Natural History Museum and I was quite happy to go along with him. The first hour was great but after 3 hours I was losing the will to live. For me it was information overload. I know hubby could off spent several more hours there but he left to keep me happy. I know that sounds mean of me but its just not my thing.

The decorations are up, I just love this time of year. This is my small tree I have in my hallway which has only vintage baubles on. There are fairy lights coming out of every plug socket, not looking forward to my electric bill next month. 

I have been very crafty today and made homemade crackers (the pulling kind not the biscuit). I had a little help from my cat Guinness who is actually more of a hindrance but he was to cute to move. He managed to throw most of the stuff on the floor which my dog thought would be a good idea to eat.

I have been spoiling myself again, I could not resist these two cute items. I know they will not be every ones taste but I love them.


  1. They are my taste - I really like them both. I have seen one of those stag heads in Hobbycraft in plain brown and then they sell decopatch in lovely colours to cover it in. Would love to get it, but it would add up to a lot and I probably would never get round to finishing it anyway!! So your one is a good alternative! Those crackers are really sweet too...........did you make them??

  2. Your xmas decs are fabulous! Scarlett x

  3. And I love them too! Your Christmas deccies look fabulous, I really must get my finger out and put my tree up!

  4. Hello, just popped over from tale from toadstool house. I have enjoyed reading your blog.X