Tuesday, 20 December 2011

My Vintage Christmas

I feel like I am beginning to find my Christmas spirit. I have found this lovely Vintage Xmas music which I have downloaded. I really do recommend it if you love Vintage, there is no comparison to the modern Xmas songs

This week has been very eventful for family and friends. My new baby nephew was born yesterday although it was nearly 2 months too soon. Sadly he is spending his first Xmas in hospital but he is fine otherwise. One of my best friends got engaged, congratulation Su and Paul. Finally another friend got her hubby home from Afghanistan today just in time for Xmas. 

I have watched two Xmas movies with a few more planned before the big day.

I have quite a busy week with work and social gatherings. Thankfully Xmas Eve is free to chill. 

This is a vintage cake carrier from the 1950's. Its from America and has taken ages to arrive. It took so long the seller actually gave me my money back. It was in a bit of a state, it needed a really good scrub. Its perfect for my homemade Xmas cake which I did not make but a lovely lady in Grimsby did, thanks Barbara.

We visited some special friends this weekend and my friend Jayne gave me a gift from my Fave shop ever. The Vintage shop in Shrewsbury is full of authentic items its so cool. She bought me these 4 authentic "Babycham glasses". They are so cute I love them. I know I am off alcohol due to my medication but I am going to make an exception just for these glasses.

Have a Happy Christmas everyone, hope its a special one.


  1. Babycham is 2 x four pack for £5 at Tesco! Go for it!

  2. Aww Clare, seems like we're both feeling a bit better now! I'm feeling Christmassy too, can't help but get caught up in it when there's a 4 year old in the house who hasn't taken off her (made at school today) 'princess crown' since getting home!! We've been listening to Xmas songs too but ours sounded like Boney M were singing them, ha ha!!
    Love the Babycham glasses, they always remind me of my Nana, she always had a Babycham at Xmas in very similar glasses!
    Sounds like you've had a lovely week!
    Chat soon,
    Love Chez. xx

  3. Glad youre feeling in the xmas spirit,as for your lovely babycham glasses,it brings back a long lost memory of when I was 18 my nanna made me a babycham and handed me the glass which slipped out of my han and smashed and every xmas she reminds me of it ,the remaining glasses have NEVER came out of her glass cabinet since hahaha
    Merry Christmas Clare xx
    XX Manda XX

  4. The cake tin is wonderful - well worth the wait. I avoid ordering stuff from the States- it always takes forever. So does sending things from here to there. You'd think the post offices would have jacked things up by now - this is 2011 after all, not 1811.

    did you get the music from iTunes? I'd love to download it-you're right, the old stuff is best.

    Happy Christmas to you Clare - hope you have a blessed and joyful time.

  5. Hi Wendz, I found the cheapest place to download was Amazon.

    Have to agree the US postal service is a bit naff. It's made me a bit more cautious for future buys.

    Loving the fact the Babycham glasses have so many memories.

  6. Hi Clare.I love the vintage cake tin and the glasses,hope you have a very merry christmas,enjoy the week,love juliexxx

  7. Yay I'm in a post lol, and I'm sure Barbara will blush when I tell her x

    And now I know why you had to have a Babycham the other night, I thought it was a bit random ;-) they are fabulous and a very 'Jayne' present.

    So glad you've found your spirit, looking forward to seeing you tomorrow.

    Big hugs

  8. Happy Christmas, Clare! And if I don't post again this year, wishing you a Happy New Year too. May 2012 be a year to remember for all the right reasons. By the way: "I'd love a Babycham!" Take care, Sue

  9. Dear Claire...I have gotten so behind this month on visiting my new friends...so this is a belated Happy Christmas...I do know how hard it can be sometimes to roll with it all....I have found that sometimes to just find my own little tiny christmas moment...a special childhood memory ..the way the tree looks ...the way the cold feels on your face and then pocket that....the expectations are so huge ...it is not easy especially when you've been through a personal life changing event....I hope your feeling better...I love vintage carols...my fav...and the cake tin!! can not wait to see something good in that! Lots of New England Hugs your way and Happy New Year to you all!!! xxoo