Friday, 6 January 2012

The blog is fixed thanks to Happy Harris from "Happy Loves Rosie" . I have no idea how easy or difficult it was to mend but she managed it and upgraded me onto the new blogger interface too. So there should be no more problems. 

When life becomes a little bit easy around here I have a habit of making it more complicated. We have a home full of pets and it works well, its quite chilled out. So I decided to makes things crazy and take in another dog who needed a home. She comes from a good home but circumstances meant they had to find another family for her. She is a lovely 3 year old "Staffie" called "Holly".

Its been a mad 48 hrs but its all calming down apart from the having to keep the cats away from her as they are a little bit scared. She only wants to say " hello". 

It will all work out soon I hope!!

My job involves me working for quite a few clients, which means at Xmas I usually a small cash bonus as a gift. I decided I was going to club the money together and buy something I have wanted for ages, a Vintage Eiderdown. The one I purchased is from the 1940's and is really pretty. It goes perfect in the spare room with the "Clarke and Clarke" fabric.

Finally this is one of the gifts my hubby bought me for Xmas. Its from the 1950"s and really cool.

I have to mention that no one in this family has a problem with how much they weigh. We have never had bathroom scales. He purchased them because he knew I would love the retro look about them, they are spot on accurate for the age though.


  1. Love the pic of the kitten! xx

  2. What a lovely eiderdown - great choice.And a super super bathroom scale too - I don't weigh myself either, but in my case I really should :)

  3. I hope Hollie and the kittys are making friends now? Love your eiderdown ,I bet they are so warm,I'd love one.have a lovely weekend ,lots of love,xxxxxxxx