Friday, 27 January 2012

Some pretty vintage gifts.

It feels like ages since I last blogged. I cannot even remember why I have been so busy either. 

I did try to sew the upholstery covers for the caravan but made a bit of a mess of it. Have decided to wait for my mum to visit and show me the proper way its done. 

I have been very lucky this last week and been given some really nice vintage items by friends. 

These Salter scales actually match my new vintage bathroom scales, and they work.

A lovely dressing table set.

A pretty compact.

A set of rose embroidered place mats.

Some fish cutlery, I love old cutlery.

Finally this gorgeous eiderdown.

I saw my surgeon on Tuesday and she prescribed me a tablet to help stop the hot flushes. What a nightmare, it only took an hour before I was tripping. I was so sick, it was horrible  and it took nearly 24 hours to get out of my system. It did stop the flushes so I did actually sleep through the night for once but I would rather flush than feel like that. 

I am off skiing this weekend to Bulgaria, its my first holiday since treatment and my first time skiing. I am really looking forward to it. My hubby is a ski instructor with the military but is refusing to teach me, he has booked me into ski school. Its probably for the best really, want to enjoy the holiday.

So I shall see you all when I am back.


  1. Replies
    1. I can't wait, hope to see you back blogging soon x

  2. Hope you have a wonderful skiing holiday! I'm afraid the thought of skiing fills me with horror, I would be okay watching from the sidelines!
    You had some lovely things given, what lovely friends you have.

    1. Love all the pretty things especially the dressing table set x

    2. Thank you, I am lucky especially being given the gorgeous eiderdown xx

  3. Love those scales and that lovely eiderdown, lucky you! Hope you have a great ski break, Jenny x

  4. Oh wow Clare! How exciting skiing in Bulgaria! Funny in Australia it seems like a long way to go to ski but I forget that in Europe everything is so close. You have the best time won't you....oh and great new treasures too.

  5. Hi hun, hope you have a fabulous trip. I adore all your new items, esp the eiderdown - totally jealous, ive been on the look out for one for ages :O) Scarlett x