Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Fire screen finished

I have been busy finishing my first few projects. 

My new fire screen.

The kitchen cupboard.

Finally I have to say thank you to hubby who is so thoughtful. Due to my new medication putting me through the menopause I am having lots of hot flushes. He has bought me a bunch of fans to place around the home so there is always one close to hand. He even bought fans covered in vintage fabric. He really is a sweetie. Below is a couple of them. (Chez if you are reading this I highly recommend you buying one).


  1. I've read it & I'm getting one! (or some!) they're so pretty! Love the fireguard too & the kitchen cupboard is gorgeous! I need some help with Laiken's vintage bedroom - hellllllp!! xx

  2. the fire screen looks really great lot better then looking at the fire shame about the dog but I think you have enough on at the moment xxx

  3. Love your fire screen and cupboard,especially the colour of your cupboard,It's really pretty Clare
    How thoughtful is your hubby ?
    Take Care bye for the now
    XX Manda XX

  4. You've done a fantastic job Clare! My favourite thing in the world is a red/white spot combo, and the little cupboard is divine. Loving the fan idea....your hub is so sweet!

  5. Your sitting room looks so cosy and warm - it's a lovely room. Great job on the firescreen - love me some dots. :)