Friday, 13 January 2012

They say you learn by your mistakes!

Yesterday I decided was going to be the day I finally sat down and started sewing the curtains for "Lotte" the caravan as she is coming along. My hubby is away overseas and my daughter was staying at her boyfriends house. I had no work, no errands to run, no excuses what so ever. I have put it off for months because I am still not confident using the sewing machine. My mum is going to give me a master class when she visits next time, thankfully.
So I did not even bother to get out of my pj's, I put some music on, lit the Jo Malone candle I got for Christmas (that is a strong candle by the way, you only need to light it for 30 mins. It will last forever at that rate) and started work.

This is the curtain fabric for "Lotte". She is a big caravan so there was loads to cut and sew. It took me ages, probably a lot longer than it should of but this is my first big job, its a bit different to bunting. So I finished them all and thought why don't I make a start on "Lola" too. So I cut all the fabric, matched the curtains up in pairs and sewed for hours. When I got to the last one I suddenly remembered a fellow blogger Wendz recently sewing her curtains upside down. Yes you have guessed what I did, I sewed half the bloody curtains upside down. Luckily "Lotte's" fabric could go in any direction but not "Lola's". So I  then spent another hour making repairs until I lost the the will to live. I did not manage all of the repairs, the few which are left can wait!!!!

 The main thing is they are sorted, just need to purchase the upholstery fabric now and make a start on that. Its bloody hard work these caravans!!!

This is another vintage music cd I have come across, its very subdued but nice. 

Going to chill now for 2 days till hubby's home, I have worked hard this week.


  1. Morning Clare,sounds like heaven,not having to get out of pjs,My idea of heaven......Well done on tackling the curtains,I'd love to get a sewing machine but have no confidence,I havent used one since school ,many many years ago!lots of love,juliexxx

  2. AAagh! I feel your pain..what a nightmare. I still shudder whenever I think of my curtain making debacle.

    That's very pretty fabric -it's going to look fab when it's all hanging up.

  3. The curtain material is gorgeous.It will be fantastic. Hope you will blog a pic when they are hung.

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  5. I have so being there many times,coasting along thinking WOW this making things is easy when argghh disaster strikes.
    Pretty,pretty fabric Clare.
    If youre ever stuck or wondering what to do with that there sewing machine the amount of tutorials and information on the internet is imense,
    Happy sewing!!
    XX Manda XX

  6. Hi Clare I'm so pleased to have just found your blog. I spotted your comments over on the lovely Vintage Hobby House and thought I would pay you a visit.

    Woah I LOVE your little caravan - do you know I have NEVER been camping apart from a few months in a log cabin in Northern California. I had a little baby last August and my hubbie keeps going on and on and ... about camping. Now I've seen your vintage caravan I may just think about 'glamping' :-)

    Sorry to read about you being unwell last year, I wish you a speedy recovery and lots of good health for 2012 x

    1. Hi kitty

      Thankyou for visiting my blog and the lovely comments about my caravan. I was brought up holidaying in a tent and really hated it. Glamping is a totally different thing though. I love spending time in Polly Dolly. I love the fact she has no mod cons, she is so relaxing and cute. I really do recommend it xx