Sunday, 8 January 2012

My custom made fire screen

I have finally started working in my workshop. The reason I have is because I want to. I know it has been ready for a few months with some vintage furniture desperate to be made pretty, I've just had no motivation. That is no longer a problem because it is back.

I have the ugliest fire in my living room. It is definitely from the 70's maybe earlier. As the property is a military house there is nothing I can do about it, they will not let me remove it. It is probably classed as vintage but I hate it. Anyway I asked a friend who is a carpenter to make me a wooden fire screen. This is what he came up with. I asked for a handle he put a heart handle on. Its perfect and just me. This is the first coat of paint and the feet need attaching. I am thinking of putting a shabby chic design on the front using a cranberry colour. 

It had to be custom made as its a lot wider than the average fire screen as my ugly fire is massive. I absolutely love it and cannot wait to finish it.

I have started work on a vintage meat cupboard I recently bought. I decided duck egg blue would be a lovely colour.

I have some duck egg oilcloth to line the shelf's and the drawer. Its going to be so cute that I will probably keep it just in case it goes in my new house that i will eventually buy one day. I shall start work on the big dresser next, I will probably keep that too. I will end up with a workshop full of lovely furniture soon.

One of the caravans is nearly ready, just the outside to be painted and the floor to be laid. I need to finish the curtains too, hopefully she will be ready in feb.

The situation with the dog did not work out. In my New Year post I claimed I would not do anything that caused stress or made me unhappy. She has gone back to her owners who will carry on looking for a good home. It has made me realise I do not want a puppy. My life is easy and calm, I did not realise how nice it was till it was disrupted.

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  1. Great to hear you're motivated and back on track for the new year. Go You!!!