Sunday, 26 June 2011

Mind over matter!

I would firstly like to say thank you to all the lovely comments of support on my blog and text messages to my phone. It really does help, I know I will be fine it can just seem overwhelming  at times. So 3 sessions done and all is well, the need for reconstruction is becoming more evident daily as the swelling goes down. The reconstruction is not offered automatically but they are happy to offer the service if you are unhappy. I have to be careful what I wear now as I do not want to upset anyone accidentally. 

I got home Friday afternoon and started working and did not finish until Saturday night with the help of my family. I am fortunate that I can take in a lot of clients linen from Holiday cottage lets we manage. This has allowed me to work from home the whole time since diagnosis and still bring in an income. My house became a chinese laundry for the duration and it was chucking it down through-out the day yesterday, very little opportunity to dry anything outside. Unfortunately the time spent going for treatment over the next month will mean I have to do this on a weekend when I'm free. So we decided to work our backsides of so that today we had no work or hospital to attend, and guess what the sun has finally come out too, its to good to be true really.

So my house is clean as I did this also yesterday in between washing and ironing loads and my work admin is all up to date, the day is free for whatever I want to do. Maybe I just have SADS because when I woke up this morning to the first rays of sun in a very long time I felt so much better. I even contemplated very seriously going for a run, I have not been since before diagnosis and I am starting to feel I could go again. I really want to but I seem to keep talking myself out of it, I know I won't get far as my energy level are low. Actually I have thought about it and I,m going to go, its still early so there will be no one around, its what I need to do, no more excuses.

I DID IT!! I stopped writing and I went for a run, its was great. I was out for 1/2 an hour, bit slower than normal but I kept going and I didn't take any short cuts. Its so nice to run along the prom on a morning like this with the only people out and about are dog walkers and paper boy/girls. So that's it now no more excuses, its time to get back in shape and lose some weight!


  1. Good on you! I'd love to have a prom to run along! Or maybe just walk lol! Xx

  2. Oh well done you! I can't run to save my life - really. I wouldn't even try. But I have been cycling again (also need to lose some weight) and blimey am I out of shape. I was so fit at the end of last summer and I let it all go over winter - am so cross with myself.

    Anyway - my Mum had a double mastectomy and chose to have reconstruction and it all looks pretty good. Amazing what they can do.

    As for the laundry - eeek! You deserve a rest today - enjoy it. :)

  3. You are a rock star!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. you really sound a lot happier just keep it up

  5. Great to hear u sounding a bit chirpier! Lotsa love missus, love Chez. xx

  6. See now you've made me feel guilty for dropping off all the laundry !!!! lol. Get Daz and Kayleigh at the ironing board, that's what they're for ;-)

    You enjoy the running, a great focus for you, but just be aware you will probably come back fitter than me !!!!