Saturday, 4 June 2011

When will I get a break.

This week has turned into a nightmare to be honest and I have to ask myself  when am I going to get a break. First off Hubby finds out that some Female who was to be honest a knob on the phone informs him that he is not posted to this unit and as soon as I am better he is out of here. We have no idea where or when, if we had been told he was home for 6 months while I got through treatment I would off been fine with it, but to be told 2 months in that even though the paper work says for three years its not true and someone should off told Darren. Her shoulders were very sloppy and she was not taking any responsibility for the problem even though its actually her job. She was so rude and defensive on the phone that it was obvious she knew she was in the wrong. Well believe me this is not the last off it, I will make sure of that. What incentive does this give me to get through my treatment, I honestly felt so depressed on Thursday.

Then yesterday a tourist drove into our parked car and caused loads of damage. It was so bad it had to be towed away. So it is a bummer and we have to hope its not written off as its an old car and very reliable but we would not get a lot of money back for it so we will be screwed . So we contact the insurance to organise a courtesy car, they are happy and tell us it will be with us in 24 hrs. I have a 2 hour drive to hospital first thing Monday morning so we really need it. Still no car today, after lots of phone calls we are told we cannot have a car until Monday afternoon at the earliest due to our rural location. They have advised us to take a taxi to the hospital (4 hour round trip) and claim the money back.  I know I have a works van and i love it loads but its not something to take on long drives it can be very tippy and slow. So I have no idea what we will do. I am so angry though it wasn't even our fault.

So I feel its time I had some good luck the last 6 months have been rubbish. I did see a medium the other day and the first thing she said was "you have had a tough 6 months", you don't say I thought.


  1. Bad things always seem to come in a bunch, just grit your teeth, it should look up soon! xxx

  2. Sorry to hear about all the rubbish stuff, sending you some good luck vibes :o) Scarlett x

  3. The car is yours any time you need it Honey, just let me know xxx

    And like I said, just imagine how much good luck you are now owed, it will turn around soon xxx

  4. Awww so sorry to hear everything is going wrong for you. All I can say is try and keep the head up and I know how difficult that must be but at least the car can be fixed. You look after number 1 first :)

    All things nice...

  5. Just keep smiling your beautiful smile - things will improve soon for you.